Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Looking back at 12 months of Corrie: June 2012

Here we go with June in our look back at this year month by month.  If you'd like a full synopsis of everything that happened this month in Corrie, you can read the Corrie weekly updates website and our blogger Tvor's State of the Street for each month.  

This blog post is purely my own highlights and lowlights for each month of the year so far.  These are my own personal likes and dislikes for Corrie so do chip in with your own and remind me of anything major I've missed that happened during each month too.

So here we go with June 2012


Rita and Dennis are married. 

Eileen goes back to work on the Streetcars switch after being sacked by Carla at Underworld for taking the day off to attend Lesley's funeral.

Gail gets promoted from Bistro cleaner to waitress.
"How's the duck?" a customer asks her.
"Quacking!" she replies.

Jason goes on a date with Eva: "You're a cracking bird!"  He's quackers!

Little Simon gets drunk on a bottle of wine when he's caught up in the custody battle.   


Jubilee Street Party was a damp squib. Too much dressing up in costume, not enough Corrie.
Sunita and Karl fumble on a dirty weekend then Dev asks Sunita to marry him.

Audrey spots Maria falling for Marcus.

Steve puts No. 11 up for sale forcing Beth and Tracy to put prospective buyers off.  This could have been funny but fell flat for this fan.

Nick tells Leanne: "I've always wanted to be a dad", conveniently forgetting he once made Leanne have an abortion.
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Graeme N said...

How fab do Rita and Dennis look! Especially when compared to that awful photo of Dev and Sunita!

And the sentence Sunita and Karl fumble on a dirty weekend brings back VERY bad memories!

Anonymous said...

Rita always looks charming

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