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Monday 12 November 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 12 November 2012

So there were noises in the night coming from Maria's room, according to Kirk, which of course signals to the viewer that Marcus and Maria are not just a one-off. Poor Jason and Sean - they must book a room at Heartbreak Hotel. Such high expectations they both had; Sean because Aidan had told him that Marcus still had feelings for him and Jason because he was so delighted to see Maria, had brought her a gift and it was just one more dumping in a series of dumpings.  He knows he is a good-looking and 'a lovely lad.' and he asks his mother Eileen why he is a serial dumpee. He asks her if she has seen her with anyone to which Eileen replies that she has seen her but only with Marcus and there's nothing to worry about there.

Maria went through the usual cliches of the dumper, including I can't be with you any more, I just don't think we're right together, blah, blah. Where was the classic, it's not you  it's me? She finished with, 'I never meant to hurt you,' to which Jason replied,'It didn't stop you though, did it?' Fair point Jase!

Not sure how forgiving we should be of the blast of homophobic comments Jason makes though. When Sean witnesses Maria and Marcus in a clinch, the insults fly thick and fast. Maria declares that Sean has a mouth bigger than the Mersey Tunnel. 'The gay man and the fag hag,' Jason cries, and 'You don't love her! You  love Kylie Minogue and Canal Street.' Then, after a bit of a punch up in The Rovers, Jason shouts after Marcus, 'You still walk like a gay boy!' I am personally very uneasy with this kind of homophobia and indeed any kind, but Jason's intellect will never set the world alight and so he uses the only thing in his repertoire that he thinks might hurt. Gail, trying to work it all out, asks, 'Does this mean he's bisexual?' Oh Gail, nothing is quite so clear cut and people are not easily categorised, which is probably the point the writers are trying to make. 

The football match was a bit tedious and the two landladies were beyond irritating. Carole and Stella's banter was unconvincing and not too far removed from panto. The snide remarks, the sighs - just not good enough for The Street. It just didn't work and the rivalry between Rob and Steve fails to convince too, though in fairness Steve was given a great line when he accused Rob of having 'delusions of adequacy' All told though the writing was predictable. Shame- a good fifteen minutes which needed much sharper dialogue.

Kirsty was impressive and convincing when she snapped at poor Kirk. It's often revelatory in life and in soapland (which after all is an attempt to portray life), that the way in which people speak to those of inferior intelligence tells us much about that person . Kirsty's unkindness to Kirk's attempt at conversation may have been irritating, but there was no need to snap at Kirk. When he asks if she had a gun when in the police force, she states that she wishes she had one now. She was creepily nice to Tyrone, encouraging him to go out with Dev. Perhaps we should be ready for some more Kirsty mayhem.  
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Joseph said...

As uncomfortable as the homophobia might be, I feel that this was in character for Jason. After all his girlfriend has just cheated on him with a gay man. Homophobia is to be expected here and at the end of the day, it would be wrong not to include some of that.

Janice said...

Sean accused Maria of 'turning' Marcus. Has he considered that perhaps he himself may have turned Marcus. Seam is so effeminate that Marcus got accustomed to the feminine touch.
I half expected the scene between Jason and Sean at the end to culminate in a kiss. Marcus turns het, and Jason turns gay.

Tina is not pregnant but is Steve? The sight of him in his football kit convinced me he is carrying twins.

Anonymous said...

I realise this comment may be met with hostility but I am going to say it anyway.

As a gay man, I find this whole story problematic to be honest. It doesn't particularly help us to show that it is not a choice to be gay and that people can't be 'turned'. The bigots etc. will be having a field day.

I think that Coronation Street could have played out the story differently and not so suddenly because it is true that some people do realise that their sexuality may not be what they have always thought and this is an important issue. However, it is impossible to 'turn' someone which, for me, seems to have suggested in the story. They should focus more on Marcus questioning his sexuality which is more true to life.

Anonymous said...

I find the fact that Sean would say that Marcus was "turned" is beyond offensive and shows how truly immature and ridiculous his character is. I'd expect homophobia from Jason because of his personality, limited intelligence and the shock/hurt of the situation. However, to hear those kinds of comments from Sean is just unacceptable and petty. And for the record, I'm not a gay man but part of the straight population who doesn't believe that being gay is a choice. However, I still believe this story should be played out for what it is, an emotional attachment based on personalitities, shared interests and life circumstances.

Anonymous said...

That is my main issue. I have never liked Sean from the start because of the way he is made out to be what every gay man is like, in my opinion, which obviously is not true.

I understand Jason's comments completely.

As I said, I believe the issue raised by the story is important. I just believe that the way it is being played out so far is not the way to do it.

What is interesting is to see it from the gay to straight relationship viewpoint which is never really spoken about. Usually it is the other way around

Anonymous said...

It's true that this story is interesting in it's gay to straight perspective and has plenty of potential with Marcus questioning his sexuality. However, I sincerely hope that writers pull this out of the immature gutter of Sean and Eileen's snarkfests or any dramatic potential will be completely lost before the storyline moves on.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Just showed Sean up in his true colours to be the nasty piece of work that he is.

On another topic - is Anna Windass on something - or does she have some kind of autism? The way she was behaving yesterday with the surrogacy, turning on the radio and dancing around the room like an idiot? Anna used to be a likeable woman now she is just perma irritating.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I loved Audrey and Gail in these episodes, however!...Sean really got on my nerves, always makes the drama about himself doesn't he??

And the football match was tedious! Carole and Stella were certainly no Annie and Nellie...No matter what they do with Stella, it never seems to work!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I thought Jonathan Harvey's writing in the Marcus/Maria scenes was first class. Jason's anger shows that prejudice lies just beneath the surface. Under pressure, those feelings take hold again. And, for once, Anthony Cotton showed he can act during his scenes with Eileen.

The football match was silly and Stella doesn't improve. I quite like Carole, though.

Danny-K said...

'The gay man and the fag hag,' Jason cries, and 'You don't love her! You love Kylie Minogue and Canal Street.' Then, after a bit of a punch up in The Rovers, Jason shouts after Marcus, 'You still walk like a gay boy!' I am personally very uneasy with this kind of homophobia and...

Oh come on Ruth! Come on.
- You gotta be kidding me!?!

If it's a view you've personally formed, then fair enough it's your opinion, but it reads more like you've fallen victim to unnecessary political correctness. Soaps must strive to reflect as much credibility as they can muster, if they seek to make social change - not try for political utopia.

Besides, later, after the pub altercation, Jason the latent 'homophobic character' was quite happy to sit being melancholy on the sofa whilst 'a gay man' heavily rubbed his back in mutual solace and understanding. Not only was Jason quite comfortable in that position, he looked on the verge of tears and almost as if he was about to bury his head in Sean's shoulder/chest for a good cry!

Besides the most offensive comment as highlighted by other came from a gay character (Sean) talking about another gay character (Marcus) as having been "turned" in his sexuality - as if a statute crime had been committed.

(Even if you have doubts over the veracity the Maria/Marcus storyline and feel it's more a crime against soap credibility than anything else).

Beth said...

First of all Sean and Marcus have been finished for ages. Marcus has had a relationship since and Jason and Maria have been seeing each other for all of 5 minutes - so in my humble opinion both of them were OTT. The way Jason was carrying on you would swear that him and Maria were star crossed lovers who were engaged or somat.I can't really remember them together much.

Secondly the Windass/ Armstrong clan are getting right up my nose. There are so many of them and they seem to be everywhere. Who can blame Tommy for getting the hump. What was with the get together for the grand peeing on the stick? Seriously if Anna Windass' bathroom would have been bigger they would have all been in there with Tina. Congratulations Corrie on ruining some decent characters there. Gary is nothing more than an irritating little whinger these days. Anna is nothing like she used to be and Izzy a selfish little madam.

Danny-K said...

What a terrific scene in the toilets between Marcus and Jason. BRAVO!!!!

I had flashbacks to the film 'Alien' aka Signoury Weaver rooted to the spot defencelessly pulls her head away, as the giant monster's head loomed into view, for fear it could kill it her with one snap.

Jason loomed large in Marcus's face as he made to half-heardely issue a bullying head butt at Marcus, who defencelessly, and instinctively, micro jumps in reflexive fear, with his face turned away.

What superalitive acting performances in their body language/instinctiveness whilst delivering their lines.

A well-done choccy biccy to both of them!

ChiaGwen said...

Fab acting from Charlie Condu - he is leagues above the rest - though Antony Cotton did show a flash of better acting with Eileen. The five aside scenes with Steve being a total dimwit during the match were so unbelievable - they seem to be wanting to match his IQ with that of Kirk.

Loon the Baloon said...

I actually enjoyed the five aside and found it funny. Anyone know where Eva got her snow queen hat?

Kate said...

I agree with Beth that the surrogacy storyline has gotten out of hand and is now ruining some characters. It is farcical now. Gary, Izzy, and Anna talk of nothing else. Them all sitting around impatiently while Tina did the taste was AWFUL to watch!! Why couldn't she have done the test in the privacy of her own home and then called with the news?

On the positive side I liked the footy match, Gail & Audrey, and although I don't like the storyline I thought the Marcus/Maria stuff was very well acted.

Kate said...

Test, not taste, sorry.

Cobblestone said...

I just found myself shouting over and over at Sean "What has this got to do with you?" Marcus finished with him months ago. His behaviour was pathetic and reprehensible. I haven't wanted to slap him so much since his hissy-fit in Marcus' place of work. The irony is, Anthony Cotton showed a flash of acting competancy on this occasion but his character was so viley written that he merely succeeded in being authentically self-centred and objectionable.
As for the supposed homophobic remarks from Jason, in context I thought they were acceptable - nothing one or other of the gay characters might have said to each other in jest; far less offensive than the simpering, queening stereotype that is Sean.
Performance-wise, great work from Charlie and Ryan. As commented upon above, the scene in the Gents was electric.
The footy match - meh ... The Stella/Carole touchline dialogue was very under-parr for Jonathan harvey. Utterly unconvincing - like watching a couple of ugly sisters bitching in a 3rd rate village hall panto.

abbyk said...

Along with the pee-test party, Steve ruined it for me tonight. There, I said it. The whinging over Michelle, moping about not being chosen, the digs at Rob, even the slapstick ball off his head flopped, nothing was good or enjoyable there. Even Dev behaved more rationally. Stevey Boy's become a late 30s has been who needs to take lessons in maturity from Chesney.

Thoroughly liked Mandy at the Rovers with her Bettyish friendly but no-nonsense manner -- what a natural.

My favorite was the entire Maria & Marcus fallout. Good acting all around, raw emotions, internal and external conflicts, all character driven. Not sure where I'd have them end up, but I want Marcus to take us on a long conflicted journey of self discovery. No one on the street can do it better. No quick fixes, please.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, no quick fixes as thiscan provide lots of opportunities for these characters. However, I also have to agree that Sean and Jason were both OTT in their response. I suppose Jason might have gone off a bit because of that business with his brother and his invisible wife/child now on the continent. I guess this situation could've pushed some serious buttons for him. However, Sean needs to build a great big bridge and get the hell over himself!


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