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Monday 19 November 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday November 16

Maria and Marcus's first out-as-a couple date at the Bistro ended in her storming out  angrily. Marcus  bumped into his boss there and bottled out of revealing his new heterosexual relationship to her and said he and Maria were just  "best friends".

He later apologised to Maria and declared:" From now on i'll have to be in  and proud." 

Charlie Condou as Marcus has been believable and even quite  sexy in his new found role as  the unlikely Romeo, though the whole storyline is very reminiscent of the drama series Bob and Rose from a few years back.

Literally farcical scenes meanwhile after Michelle and colleague Rob, he of the zero personality and wooden acting, had to spend the night in a posh Sheffield hotel to help seal a deal with a lecherous groping middle-aged client who clearly fancied Michelle in her low cut dress. 

The client was called away  on family matters, leaving Rob and Michelle to spend the rest of the evening cosily  together.  Rob confessed that he had always  secretly held a torch for Michelle since he received his first  kiss from her when they were young teenagers. 

Meanwhile the pair's  respective other halves, Steve and Eva, turned up at the hotel  unannounced, suspecting Rob and Michelle were up to no good together and were probably sharing rooms.

They discovered Rob ( cue gratuitous topless shot in his towel) was indeed misbehaving  in his room - but not with Michelle but some blonde "random waitress" he'd picked up. Saintly Michelle was still in her separate room.

 Cue Eva throwing a bottle of champagne over Rob when he had the cheek to suggest she stay the night after the blonde scarpered and ending their not very convincing relationship.

 Meanwhile Michelle reaffirmed her love for Steve and said Rob had made a play for her but she'd knocked him back.

Sally's nose was well and truly put out of joint as Kirsty was inexplicably left  in charge of the factory by Rob while he was away.

Tommy was not happy after news of Tina's surrogate  pregnancy  was confirmed and Nick was  also put out that Leanne hadn't told him her divorce from Peter was through, but they made up and Nick declared over a glass of wine that they "had a future to plan". 

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Loon the Baloon said...

Thought Marcus' boss a bit full on when she demanded to know how Maria and Marcus knew each other when she bumped into them at the Bisto, I mean who says that when they are introduced to someone? More childish behaviour from Sean and Eileen - get over it!

ChiaGwen said...

Agree Loon - what kind of boss does that and they sat so close they might as well have shared one table! Eileen and Sean were WAY out of line with their bratish behaviour towards Maria and Marcus in Roys. Again, just when did Eva and Rob get back together? The Rob no personality and wooden acting is reminiscent of Adam Rickett's incarnation of Nick.

Anonymous said...

The sexism in this episode was appaling. Eva flashing her chest to get the receptionist to give her the room number (as if), the waitress with Rob being called part of the facilities. Disgusting.

Hilda's Murial said...

Has nobody at the Mancunian ever known a person who was bisexual, or who discovered some surprising and hitherto unknown or repressed desire later in life? A committed lesbian, for example, who finds herself falling for a bloke ... this does happen, and it is not "going straight," it's simply trying to walk step by step through the paths that life puts in front of us.

Mrs Barton said...

Loved Eva comfort eating her chips

Anonymous said...

I do like Eva's character but Corrie's tendency to childish things like dumping alcohol over a man's head or, pathetically, kneeing him in the crotch. Not funny. At all. However, comfort eating chips is funny.

Marcus' boss was definitely out of line in asking such personal questions but I have to say that my previous employers have been just as nosey, inappropriate and demanding - such is the downside to workplaces dominated by women. However, Maria is OTT and insensitive in reacting with such a snit at being referred to as Marcus' bast friend. First of all, he's trying to avoid workplace gossip and his boss' inappropriate questions. Second, and most important, he's struggling with his emotions and this is a very new and radical change in his life. Rather than pressuring him, Maria should be more patient and understanding. I have always thought Marcus was sexy so his involvement with a woman just raises that bar for me.

Sean and Eileen are very immature and ridiculous. Their childish behaviour just reinforces what's wrong with them, and doesn't relfect anything about Marcus at all.

Cobblestone said...

I can understand Eileen is feeling for Jason getting hurt, but Sean carrying on like this over a guy who ceased to be in any way accountable to him 6 months ago is pathetic.

Oh, and why is it that whenever a bloke (it's ALWAYS a bloke) gets beer or other booze poured over his head in Corrie, he invariably justs stands there with a look of resignation and takes the whole pint/bottle? Isn't the natural human reaction (especially taking a bottle of chilled champagne over a naked torso) to jump backwards out of the way?

Anonymous said...

I thought that the producers were frowning on violence towards men but here's Eva giving Rob a kick to the nuts and that's just a bit of fun I guess. Talk about hypocrites.


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