Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Coronation Street - the taxi tour

Manchester taxi tours are offering Coronation Street tours - by taxi!  Not only do you get to see some of the best Corrie locations there are around Manchester, the taxi driver works as an extra on Coronation Street so you'll get some insider knowledge too. 

While you can't get to visit the actual street set, you will get to see: 
  • St.Mary’s church which is where many of the wedding, funeral and christenings have been filmed. The Church pub next door has also featured many times.
  • Chimney Pot park overlooking the terraced street is probably the most famous spot as it is featured in the credits, which air every time the show is on TV.
  • Salford Quays is home to many of the stars. Filming of the show will also be relocated to Media City in Salford, where the set will be rebuilt.
  • Castlefield where many characters have met a watery end.
  • East Lancs Steam Railway
  • Rycroft Hall
  • The old Salford Town Hall
There is much more to see around and about Manchester and Salford  The taxi can take you to visit some of the most used and recognisable Coronation Street sites. Or perhaps you have a favourite Corrie scene or memory of your own? Just tell the taxi driver what it is and he’ll find it for you!

Find out more at Coronation Street taxi tours website.

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