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Monday 26 November 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Monday 26 Nov

Coronation Street, Monday 26th November 2012
Only one episode tonight at 7.30pm

KIRSTY REACHES A NEW LOW. Tyrone’s on edge around Kirsty. While he’s upstairs Kirsty answers his mobile but the caller hangs up. Seeing that it was Fiz and finding dozens of messages from her, seething Kirsty pops Tyrone’s phone and keys into her bag, deadlocks the door and heads off to work. Realising his keys and phone are missing and he’s locked in No.9, Tyrone tries ringing Kirsty from the landline but she ignores his call. When she arrives home, Tyrone plays along as she acts astonished to find his keys in her bag but denies picking up his phone too. Alone Tyrone searches her bag and finds his phone. But when Kirsty returns and catches him red-handed a blazing row ensues where Kirsty admits she took them because she can’t trust him. Kirsty then hits Tyrone repeatedly in her worst attack yet. As her rage subsides, this time she shows no remorse and demands an apology from Tyrone. Will he comply and how will Fiz react when she learns of Kirsty’s assault?
JASON STRIKES OUT ON HIS OWN. Stella discovers a pocket of water in the ceiling of the back room. She prods it and the ceiling caves in. Finding a leak under the bath Jason tells Stella the damage means she’ll need a whole new bathroom. But when Owen takes over preparing a quote Jason’s peeved. Heeding Eileen’s advice, to make positive changes to his life, Jason suggests to Owen that he could buy into the business and become a partner. But when Owen rejects his offer outright Jason’s stung and comes to a life-changing decision.
KYLIE AND DAVID STRUGGLE TO FIND PRIVACY. Gail’s pleased when David tells her of his plans to start a family. But Kylie’s unimpressed when David schedules sex sessions around Gail’s shifts at the Bistro so they can have privacy.
Elsewhere Dennis takes offence when Steve jokes about Rita giving him pocket money. In response Rita sets him up with his own debit card. Lewis continues to flatter gullible Gail about her talent as a mother and grandmother.

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Anonymous said...

Will have to have a pillow to hide behind and a strong coffee to watch this tale unfold. I shall wait till youngest one is in bed before viewing as too violent.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Gail: another character on a downward spiral. The business with Lewis is tedious and the desperate wannabe granny story is a bit far-fetched. Sure she wants her son to be happy but what's the rush? Irresponsilbe and selfish. Give her a storyline outside the family, please.

Billy Niblick said...

So what's the score with Lewis & Gail, then? Is Lewis trying to charm Gail into falling for him so that he can exact revenge by making of with her post office savings book?

I don't get it. If anybody can explain, I'd be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Lewis will expose the fact that Gail has no chin. He will do so publicly at the Rovers in front of everyone. Gail will thus be mortally humiliated, her deeply held secret now common knowledge.

Mary Prankster said...

I think Lewis wants to charm Gail into falling for him, so that he can completely destroy her relationship with her mother. It's already badly damaged. He wants to finish it, thereby crushing both of them!

ChiaGwen said...

Oh for God's sake!! - David has two customers as a so called stylist, Kylie works part-time at the Bistro most liking making minimum wage, they live with Gail - yet now are embarking on having another baby - they must have a money machine in one of those many bedrooms upstairs at Gail's. Wouldn't Dennis be receiving a pension of some sort, so why the need for Rita to dole out money to him, it's not as if he has to pay rent or utilities....??

Anonymous said...

That was so good it could of been real great viewing x


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