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Friday 16 November 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 16 Nov

Coronation Street, Friday 16th November 2012 at 7.30pm

STEVE AND EVA JOIN FORCES AGAINST ROB. Steve’s glum after spending the night at Lloyd’s, aware he has some serious grovelling to do with Michelle. Rob collars him and tells him he knows he was behind the prank and it’s made him make a decision, he’s going to take Michelle off him. Steve simmers as Rob puts his plan into action by convincing Michelle they need to go to Sheffield to win back the client they lost due to Steve’s actions. Michelle agrees to go. As they leave, with Michelle looking a million dollars, Steve’s imagination starts to run riot and he decides to stop Rob before he makes his move on Michelle. Convincing Eva there’s something going on the pair set off for Sheffield but will they be too late?
LEANNE RECEIVES AN UNEXPECTED BLOW. Stella clocks that Leanne is down and learns that she’s received a voicemail from Peter to say that their divorce has come through. She surprised by her daughter’s reaction, but even more surprised to learn that Leanne hasn’t told Nick about it. Does she still have feelings for Peter?
KIRSTY CLASHES WITH SALLY. Rob puts Sally’s nose out of joint when he leaves Kirsty in charge of the office while he and Michelle head to Sheffield. Sally tells him that that’s her job but he tells her firmly he needs her at her machine. A fuming Sally tells Kirsty she shouldn’t get any ideas above her station. But is she prepared for Kirsty’s reaction?
Elsewhere Owen guesses that Tommy is unhappy that Tina is pregnant. Maria is stung when out for dinner Marcus introduces her to his boss as his best friend.

Coronation Street, Friday 16th November 2012 at 8.30pm

STEVE’S SUSPICIONS PROVE UNFOUNDED WITH DISASTROUS RESULTS.  Eva and Steve land at the Sheffield hotel where Eva convinces the receptionist to let them know which rooms Michelle and Rob are staying in. They hammer on Rob’s door as a waiter delivers champagne to the room. Steve’s heart is in his mouth as a woman appears also scantily clad. It’s not Michelle but a young waitress who swiftly leaves when a raging Eva reveals she’s Rob’s girlfriend and exacts her revenge. Steve wants to get away before Michelle learns he suspected her of sleeping with Rob but when she appears from her room a devastated Eva blurts out the whole story. As Steve apologises for following her how will Michelle react? Meanwhile back in Weatherfield Eva reveals how she found Rob in bed with a waitress. Sympathetic Stella admits he tried it on with her too. Eva leaves and when Nick finds her on the street upset he takes her back to the Bistro and provides a shoulder to cry on. But is Eva still holding a torch for Nick and what would Leanne have to say about that?
CAN LEANNE SIGN PETER OUT OF HER LIFE? Leanne is snappy with Nick but later heads to the Bistro to apologise. She tells him about the divorce coming through from Peter. Nick’s hurt that she never mentioned it before and notes that Leanne is still letting Peter get to her.
TYRONE’S GIVEN HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. Tyrone is chuffed that Kirsty is taking so much interest in his day spent at baby group with Ruby. As she tells him Rob has given her extra responsibilities at work Tyrone notices how relaxed and happy she is. Dare he think he’s finally found the happily ever after he’s always wanted?
Elsewhere Owen pays Tommy the second instalment of the surrogacy fee and Maria tackles Marcus over his failure to correct his boss’ assumption that she is just a friend. But is Marcus ready to go public with their relationship?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Like Gail, Steve is being turned into the village idiot, biting your nails and making silly faces does not comedy make! And I will repeat myself when did Eva suddenly get back with Rob??, rewind - he dumped her and was making eyes at her ma, Stella, is that all to be forgotton like Michelle's other son?

Anonymous said...

These episodes sound really terrible, like some badly written 50s farce. I shan't be watching.

Anonymous said...

Now, why would Rob put Kirsty in charge when only last week he told her she was just a packer and they are a dime a dozen, or some such. Now, with an experienced office mgr (Sally) standing right there, he leaves a newbie employee in charge while he's gone? Blah..what a load of crap.


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