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Thursday 29 November 2012

Coronation Street: What is Lewis up to?

Last night's Coronation Street had me in fits of giggles when Lewis sat down on the Bistro floor, chucked the tray of glasses all over and yelled in agony, pretending he'd slipped. 

Gail, of course, fell for Lewis' lies, helped him home and laid him down on her sofa, tending to his every need so that she can assuage some of her guilt at the way she sided with Gloria to show Lewis up as a love cheat in front of Audrey - and failed.

I can understand Lewis feeling miffed over Gail and Gloria's prank but as he's now not seeing Audrey in a romantic sense, I can't understand why he didn't just pack his bags and go.  He's clearly decided to stay to make Gail's life hell - but just what is he up to?  Last night we saw him trouser a couple of Gail's bank statements "Kerching!" so is he intending to rob her blind? I can't imagine Gail's got much in the way of savings though. 

It's an intriguing storyline and one I'm loving right now, especially when the camera pans on Lewis' face after each time he winds up Gail. All he needs is a moustache to twirl and an evil laugh and he'd be perfect pantomime villain. Oh, he already is.

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Anonymous said...

I hope he frames Gail by transferring funds from Audrey's accounts into Gails! Then he can leave the Street and Gail will feel the wrath of Audrey's inability to trust her.

Carry On Blogging! said...

It's a weird one, although it is quite good fun to watch. I can't think that Gail will have much for him to steal. Also as he is obviously attempting something, how do they manage to bring him back yet again after the panto season?

Humpty Dumpty said...

As an aside, how brilliant when soap characters immediately find *exactly* what they're after when it takes me ages in my own house! Lewis might be trying to get Gail into deep debt so Audrey has to bail her out. But agree, how can he return and also what will his exit story be?

Anonymous said...

Gail has a house...perhaps he'll con her into taking out a loan against it and be off again. Maybe Gail was right all along! I'm waiting for Lewis to rub his hands together and laugh like a maniac!

Too bad though. I liked him and Audrey together..they were sweet.

Janice said...

It does feel a bit convoluted. A seasoned con-man like Lewis would not waste his time on vendetta. He'd be off plundering a rich widow for the sake of the loot itself. We know for fact Gail has no money because she had borrow from Nick to pay off Kylie from marrying David. I am also having trouble believing Gail as naive about men. Given the life experiences she has had with untrustworthy men her BS meter should be on overdrive around Lewis.

Janice said...

I think I got it. Lewis is going to cause a split between Gail and Nick. He punished Gloria by separating her from her daughter. he will punish by separating her from her son. Audrey is already cordial with Gail. Lewis no longer has access to Audrey's financial papers, but he does for the Bistro. There was a scene where Nick was expressing his love for Gail and Lewis was watching on.

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, I like your idea! Maybe if Lewis figures out the accts of the Bistro and he knows Gail's banking info .... he'll start transferring money and make it look like Gail was stealing from Nick!

However he gets his revenge - I'm gonna like it. What she did was nasty. Audrey & Lewis were great together.

~JB in Canada

ChiaGwen said...

Not sure how he would do it but I'm wondering if Lewis will somehow transfer money from Gail's account into Audrey's thus speeding up the repayment of the 20,000 pds - though I can't imagine Gail having even close to that in her account.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand, is why the writers didn't have Audrey say to him: You conned me, I forgave you. You disappeared off the train without a word to me, left me feeling sick and scared...I bailed you out of major debts and now, when someone else plots against you, you can't forgive ME?

In the forgiveness department, YOU still owe me!

Anonymous said...

I miss Audrey af Alf, they were such a cute couple! Wish he could of stayed!xx

As Lewis and Gail he will use his charmes on her, then rip her off from her family, friends and con her from thousands!
Who knows!!;-)


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