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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Great Northern Cookbook

It's a while ago now that we brought you news about a new Channel 5 cookery show starring Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street for over 20 years. Inevitably with any TV series on cooking there's a book full of recipes to go with it and here at the Coronation Street Blog we've got a preview copy.

First we get an introduction from Sean where he outlines his life around food. From the stalls of Ashton market to experimenting with food in his Grandma's kitchen and the revelation that food and cooking could be fun, brought to him by the TV programmes of Keith Floyd.

After he made the decision to leave Corrie, he carried on acting for a while but found he was spending more and more time in his kitchen and when he got the chance to work in the kitchens of Michelin-starred Northcote Manor, he jumped at the chance and whilst there earned the praise of chef Lisa Allen. After finishing at the restaurant a chance meeting with Bob Kitching while presenting a show for BBC Radio Lancashire, set him on his current course as an award-winning cheesemaker.

And so to the recipes. They are made up largely of Northern staples, from Eccles Cakes and Lancashire Hotpot to Parkin and Singing Hinnies. The recipes seem to be straightforward and no nonsense, just as you'd expect a Northern cookbook to be, with sections on baking, pies (of course), soups, puddings and naturally enough, cheese.

Having only just received the book, I haven't had time to try any of the recipes out yet but having read quite a few of them I certainly will be doing so in the near future. As I do I'll be blogging about them here so keep your eyes peeled for the first one, which should be appearing here soon, as for the first time in my life I attempt to make some Eccles Cakes.

The book is due to be published on 22nd November, the 4 part TV series starts on Channel 5 in December and the Facebook page is already live. If you'd like a copy of the book, then keep an eye out on the blog as, courtesy of Hodder & Staughton, we have 5 copies to give away in another of our fab competitions.

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