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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 26 2012

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Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. 
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Just when you think crazy Kirsty can’t get any worse, she goes and does it this week. First off, poor Fiz gets her sewing machine tangled when it stops working properly at Underworld. Julie turns the machine off at the mains as Fiz tries to sort the machine out and just as she’s doing that, Kirsty turns the machine back on, sewing Fiz’s thumb to a knicker gusset. And that just isn’t nice. What’s worse is that Kirsty then covers herself by volunteering to take Fiz to t’hospickle. And then, oh dear, poor Tyrone. I almost couldn’t bear to watch as Kirsty kicked and punched Tyrone across the floor of No. 13. It doesn’t take much to set Kirsty off and this time it was texts and calls from Fiz, trying to support Tyrone, that made Kirsty see red. She locked Tyrone in the house with baby Ruby and then when she came home from work, she gave him what for all over again. Horrible, horrible, horrible, but so very well acted by both.

Over at the Rovers, St Ella of the Back Room gets anointed with holy water from above when a leak in her bathroom floods the back room.  It’s like Lourdres has moved to Salford. Jason pops round to price it all up but then Owen sends him packing and tells him he hasn’t a clue. Jason’s feeling hard done by and goes back to St Ella with a price that undercuts Owen’s, determined to strike out on his own.

Sophie’s home from hospital and walking on crutches with help from physio Jenna. Sophie likes physio Jenna. See Sophie smile at physio Jenna. See Sophie develop a crush on physio Jenna.  See Sophie’s dad Kevin chat up physio Jenna. It’s a love triangle with a difference, that’s for sure. Even Lloyd can’t believe his eyes when he spots what’s going on in the pub: “Is Kevin Webster chatting up my daughter?”

Nick proposes to Leanne again this week and this time she says yes. They have an engagement bash in the Bistro to which even Rita and Dennis attend. But David and Kylie don’t. They’re at home shouting at each other on the sofa because David wants a baby and Kylie, well, she don’t. She tells him she does though, just to shut him up but in that classic Corrie over-the-shoulder look to camera as David hugs his wife, Kylie’s eyes don’t punch the ticket her mouth has just produced.

And finally this week, Rita gives Dennis his very own cashpoint card. She shows him how to use it after he admits he hasn’t used one before.  We can probably see where this is going and your guess is as good as mine as to what a barrel of laughs a CHIP and PIN story can be. Can’t think why Corrie haven’t mined this comedy gold before.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Apple Cobbler said...

A great summary of the week!

Anonymous said...

Well, I give Corrie writers credit for putting a twist on typical stories. We have Maria/Marcus, we can have a love triangle with Jenna and Kevin/Sophie. Drag Lloyd and Mandy into the mix and watch Sophie run off the rails trying to steal her father's girlfriend. Why not?

Anonymous said...

If Jenna is gay, then the odds are in Sophie's favour. The difference in their ages is no more than Kevin's in the other direction.

ChiaGwen said...

Awww, nice comment from Steve saying Betty would be looking down from Heaven while he was eating the hotpot.

Rachel said...

I bet Kylie will start (or continue) taking the pill & David will find out.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I read somewhere that Kylie does get busted downing birth control pills? I say good for her, rather than giving in to whiney little David and his uber mother.


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