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Friday 30 November 2012

My Coronation Street 2012 - by Flaming Nora

The action on-screen in Coronation Street this year hasn’t been too hot (Who am I kidding? It’s been dire!)

However, while this year I reckon Corrie’s been spoiled by too much, including St Ella and surrogacy, my personal Corrie 2012 hasn’t been bad at all.  In fact, it’s been better than anything on-screen and I thought I’d share some of it here on the Coronation Street Blog.   Feel free to share your own Corrie year too by leaving some comments below.

January 2012

A weekend in Manchester to clear away post-Christmas blues with my first visit to the Lass o’Gowrie pub, to see Coronation Street 1968 Live!

This wasn’t just one of the best Corrie experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being part of, it also ranks up there as one of the best theatre experiences ever. 

After lunch with friends who are also Corrie fans, we watched a cast assembled by legendary Coronation Street casting director June West, and this included some ex-Corrie actors. One of them - Dave Dutton - has even been in Corrie in 11 different roles!.  All of the cast worked their magic close-up and personal with the audience, acting out two classic Corrie episodes written by Jack Rosenthal from 1968. Jack’s widow Maureen Lipman was at the event which supported the charity Myeloma UK.

It was an amazing evening and a wonderful event – read all about it here - and the best part is it’s happening again next year.  Follow @thelassogowrie on twitter

April 2012

Fat Brenda: The Stage Show took the Harrogate Theatre by storm. It starred ex-Corrie actor Steve Huison (Eddie Windass) as Fat Brenda, the Siren of Streetcars and it was Corrie comedy gold. Fat Brenda's life story was ghostwritten by playwright Joe Parkinson and if Corrie has any sense, they’ll sign Joe up sooner rather than later to join the scriptwriting team.  

After we’d already bought tickets to one of the two nights of Fat Brenda’s Harrogate show, we were given complementary tickets for the other night and so went back to see it all over again. It was even better second time around.  After two sell-out shows in Harrogate, Fat Brenda took her one-man stage show to Manchester where Corrie actors and ITV bosses were wooed. It was beltin! 
Follow @fatbrenda on twitter.  Follow @stevehuison on twitter.

June 2012

To Yorkshire for a week-long holiday where we met up with fellow bloggers Rebecca and Fat Brenda (plus Mrs Fat Brenda, Master Fat Brenda and Baby Fat Brenda).  We caught up on all things Corrie over lunch with a really good gossip.

November 2012

Our blogger Tvor flew in from Canada and made the journey north from Manchester with her Salford sweetheart to stay overnight with us.  I met Tvor online at least 10 years ago and have met her many times since. Quite simply, without Tvor and her support this blog would not exist. We showed her the hot-spots of Sunderland (yes, we do have some) and introduced her to the delights of a breakfast bacon stotty.  Read Tvor's Coronation Street Blog.

And so, to 2013 when we already have two visits to Manchester lined up for January.  One of those visits is a return to the Lass o’Gowrie pub. This time it’s to watch Corrie episodes from the 70s being acted in the pub and to attend the Corrie-fest and meet other Corrie fans.  Details of all that can be found here.

And the second visit to Manchester in January... well, I can’t tell you about that just yet. But let me tease you with this… there's going to be some amazing blog posts afterwards from our team here at Coronation Street Blog towers!

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Tvor said...

Awww visiting you and SunnyJim was one of our highlights too! Bacon stotties! Yum!!! But I've got to make some of those wonderful Eccles cakes SJ presented us with too.

My Corrie 2012 was pretty much a few pings here in Halifax and over to see you two. Oh and took a photo of the new set from the Imperial War Museum North. Oh, Oh and I'm getting a set of the Liliput Lane Corrie houses for Christmas, 2 from him indoors and 2 from myself to me. I'll photoblog them over the holidays.

Next year I'm joining you in Manchester in January! Also, the Downeast Steeters look to be hosting a Corrie actor in March so i'll get to meet another cast member and hear all about their adventures. There will be pings in Halifax, too, of course!

Deborah said...

I had a very good Corrie year. I was over in England for Christmas/New Years. Just before Christmas I met up with a group of Corrie fans for a meal. On the 28th I went to my first panto which starred Steven Arnold (one of my favs.) Met him after, wonderful guy.

On Jan. 3rd & 4th was in Manchester and met 17 cast members, quite a few I hadn't met before.

On the 4th Jan. I had been invited to tour the studios. Highlights this tour were pulling a pint in the Rovers and getting to try it. Plus we had a photo behind the counter at Roy's Rolls with Roy, Hayley & Sylvia.

Jan. 5th went to see Margi Clarke (Jackie Dobbs) in Sleeping Beauty. Met her after and what a moment that was - I brought her to tears! Lovely lady and a moment I'll not forget.

Unfortunately the event at the Lass o’Gowrie pub was the weekend after I left.

March 8th - went to see Ashley, Claire, Jim & Andy McDonald interviewed on Toronto breakfast show. Steven Arnold spotted us and immediately came to greet us after. Met others too.

March 17th - went to William Roache show in Toronto.

April 1st - went to see the Peacock & McDonald show in Lindsay.

Last week I went to the 'Tyrone & Kirk' show which was AMAZING!

I organized two pings this year, March & October.

I added a few more autographs in my collection. Last week I was also given a beautiful handmade stained glass piece. It's a copy of the piece seen between the booths in the Rovers.

It was quite a Corrie year and I don't expect another one like this one.

Anonymous said...

Your Corrie year sounds a lot more interesting than the one on screen.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Great post, loved reading all that - what a year!

Llifon said...

2012 was a special year for me because I joined the blog team! It was also special for me because of Corrie Favourite Character Countdown that I ran on this blog during the first half of the year. It was brilliant to do and I had the honour of being interviewed by Digital Spy and thus that article appeared on the online sites of RTE, STV and the Sun Online. Plus I loved doing the original characters feature during July and August. :)


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