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Monday 19 November 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 19 November

Coronation Street, Monday 19th November 2012 at 7.30pm

EVA DECIDES TO RISE ABOVE ROB. Eva, still crushed by Rob’s betrayal, thanks Nick for being there for her. When she says she’s going to start looking for another job Nick tells her she shouldn’t let Rob beat her. She should go to the factory with her head held high and show him what he’s missing. Taking his advice Eva dresses to impress and heads to work where she tells the girls all about sleazy Rob’s two-timing exploits. Rob’s left humiliated and Michelle is still clearly unimpressed by the pass he made at her. Back at the Rovers Eva’s downbeat. However when Stella confides in her that she’s worried Leanne doesn’t love Nick as much as she makes out Eva’s ears prick up. The cogs whirring once again Eva confides in Kylie, Nick deserves better than Leanne and she’s going to split them up!
TYRONE’S BUBBLE BURSTS. When Tyrone gets a text from one of the mums at baby group Kirsty thinks nothing of it. However when the factory girls start winding her up about Tyrone being surrounded by yummy mummies Kirsty broods. Back at home she goes through Tyrone’s texts. When she spots one signed off with a kiss her blood starts to boil.
DAVID’S PLANS FOR A NIGHT OUT FALL FLAT. Kylie promises David that she’ll get the night off from the Bistro so she can spend an evening with him and Max. But when work is too busy David rows with Kylie for letting him down again. Meanwhile Kylie fumes when Leanne has a pop about her parenting skills.
Elsewhere Lewis manages to get Gail to do his laundry. Tommy hands Tyrone £2k of the money he owes. Ty is surprised that Tommy can afford so much. Tommy snaps at him and there’s an air of sadness over a friendship lost.

Coronation Street, Monday 19th November 2012 at 8.30pm

EVA AND KYLIE JOIN FORCES AGAINST LEANNE. Eva tries to persuade Kylie that Leanne doesn’t really love Nick and is simply using him as a meal ticket. Kylie isn’t convinced but when Leanne catches her knocking back the remains of a customers bottle of wine and tears a strip off her in front of Nick, Kylie tells Eva she’ll help her win Nick. They need to expose Leanne’s feelings so Kylie is going to persuade Nick to propose to her. She’s certain Leanne will decline! Later Nick apologises to Kylie about the way Leanne kicked off. He opens up and shares his concerns that Leanne doesn’t feel the same as he does regarding there relationship. Kylie grabs her chance and tells him to propose, claiming Leanne likes grand gestures. When Eva backs up Kylie’s suggestion Nick decides there’s no time to lose and when all the family are gathered at the Bistro he prepares to go down on bended knee. Will he get than answer he wants or has Eva’s plan worked?
FIZ ENCOURAGES TYRONE TO MAKE A STAND. Kirsty rails at Tyrone over the text message telling him he can stay away from the baby group and the birthday party he was hoping to take Ruby too. Tyrone starts to bite back but a dangerous glint in Kirsty’s eye soon makes him back off. When he tells Fiz what happened she tells him to tell Kirsty he’s going to the party and she can like it or lump it. Will he put his foot down?
DAVID DEVOTES HIS EVENING TO BEING A DAD. Miffed that his night out isn’t going to happen David plays pirates with Max instead. He’s irked when Gail comments that since Kylie is so career minded it’s a good job David has taken so well to parenting. Later when Kylie returns however she agrees with Gail. She thinks David’s the best Dad Max could ever wish for. And this starts David thinking….
Elsewhere Rob makes his peace with Michelle and Steve.

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