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Monday 19 November 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 19 November

Plotting and planning in abundance tonight. Lewis is currently schmoozing Gail, no doubt trying to gain her trust before he puts in motion his dastardly revenge, telling her she is a most generous wonderful woman for offering to do some washing for him. Later, Gail's house is festooned with Lewis' ironed pastel shirts and she seems very pleased with herself for smoothing out the trouble there'd been with Lewis. Oh dear, Gail. She has no idea what is coming to her. Later still, Lewis tells her she is a diamond, the Koh-i-Noor no less of Coronation Street. 

There he is in the Bistro sipping his Arabica, and asking others what would be their preferred final note in their nostrils as they shuffle off their mortal coil. Such a reference to Hamlet may not mean much to Kylie, who swiftly replies that her preference would be for vodka and redbull, and why not? Kylie is a person of natural intelligence, razor sharp wit and underneath it all, not a bad person, despite the cage dancing and child-selling, as Maria reminded her in the salon.

Further plotting, against Leanne this time, is in motion with Kylie and Eva.Great line for Kylie tonight about Leanne, no doubt prompted by the rather pompous declaration from Leanne that Simon doesn't have sweets in the week. Kylie, later, sneeringly states to Eva that Leanne is Mother Teresa and Mary Poppins rolled into one.

Impressively, Eva got herself done up to the nines and head held high, high heels on, she marched into the factory. Snide remark aside, from Beth, about it being a factory not Hollywood, you've got to admire the courage of the girl (despite the alarming backlessness of the dress). She addresses Rob, in the full hearing of all the factory staff saying that it is 'a complete blessing' that she will no longer have to put up with his snoring and weird bathroom habits.Her threat to Rob, should he try to get rid of her, was excellent, telling him and everyone else that she would take him to an industrial tribunal quicker than he could take his trousers off; truly the voice of a woman scorned. Still on Rob, Steve in the bistro was quite amusing guessing that Rob would order a cocktail named A Flaming Slime Ball or Sex on the Job. Rob's apology, 'My bad' provided Steve with further fuel to mock Rob when he said, 'Where does he think he is - Downtown Bolton?' Good stuff writers!

Glad to see Mandy is sorting out the jukebox in The Rovers, planning to include Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child, while some good old Northern Soul played in the background. Wonder if she'll take requests?  

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Anonymous said...

Loved hoe Kylie's impression of Leanne sounded perfect.

Also, I wonder how long David's mustache will remain. Probably longer than Sophie's "permanent disability".

Janice said...

Eva did look Hollywood in that red dress-- just like Lindsay Lohan after a bender. What was with that black bra showing at the back? Leanne was classier when she was on the game.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, all Eva's done is confirmed that she's little more than a tart, while trying to out Rob as being a sleaze. Not classy.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I thought the ganging up on Leanne rather contrived and spiteful and is Nick really that dumb to be manipulated like that? It was embarrasing to watch him crying and shouting outside in the night. Meanwhile Kirsty's unbalanced behavior simmers - but it IS a bit forward to put a kiss on a text to someone you hardly know.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I have to disagree and say I've warmed to Eva recently. And I like Eva and Kylie together. Dare I say I think Kylie is a better character than Becky?!

I think Leanne had it coming as she was horrible to Kylie, even if she was drinking from the bottle!! And I don't mind Nick at all really.

Anonymous said...

Nice review but I'm pretty sure Steve said "Baltimore" not "Bolton" referring to the fact that "my bad" is an American expression.

Anonymous said...

Kylie is such a her makeup and do!

Defrost Indoors said...

I thought Eva and Rob were over a long time ago?

Ruth owen said...

I think you are right Anonymous - Baltimore makes much more sense than Bolton which, even as I was writing it,
didn't quite work. Thank you for that.


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