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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 12 2012

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Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. 
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Remember that lovely Marcus? Sean’s ex-fella? The midwife?  The gay one? Well, he’s not gay. Or maybe he is. Or maybe he’s bisexual. Or maybe he’s confused. Or maybe he knows exactly what he’s doing by going sub-duvet with Maria and it’s us poor fans who are confused. Or maybe Marcus is just greedy, who knows?  

What we do know is that Maria’s dumped Jason and Marcus has dumped Aiden and Marcus and Maria are now officially an item, a couple, a pair. Jason is in bits, Sean’s in bits and we, the viewers have taken strong positions on what Marcus should, or should not, do as a gay man.  I hate this story and it deserves all the criticism it’s getting from gay quarters.  For me, a lot of it has to do with Maria, the dullest woman ever in the history of Weatherfield. She can’t give this story the spark it deserves. If Marcus had fallen in love (his words, not ours) with anyone other than Maria we might have felt something for Marcus, gone on his sexual journey of cobbles confusion with him, but we haven’t, oh no. 

Speaking of dull, it’s the 5 a side football match between the men of the Rovers Return and those from the Weatherfield Arms. Too much sniping between landladies fell flat when it should have fizzed and Barry Gutbucket, the Weathy Arms goalie, ensured that the Rovers men lost the game.  

However, all is well in Weatherfield over at Ken and Deirdre’s boudoir of passion, or as I like to call it, their house. They’re all smoochy and loved up after Wendy flamin’ Crozier resigns from the Board of Governors and gets out of Ken’s life and Deirdre’s hair. Mrs Barlow celebrates with a bath: “I dropped off at one point and got me Grazia wet!”.

Lewis is turning on the charms with Gail in what she thinks is him being nice to her but is really him getting his revenge for her part in the Audrey saga last week. Gail even buys back, at a considerable sum, Lewis’ father’s watch he tells her he’s had to pawn as he’s skint. He’s lying of course but Gail is too simperingly stupid to know.  However, this storyline did see Gail’s dad Ted Page (remember him?) get a mention. Where the chuck is he? Bring him back now!

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Anonymous said...

I SO don't agree with you about the Maria/Marcus storyline. I think it is awesome, as I have a friend it has happened to in real life. Not only that, I think they are both doing a cracking job in their roles.

Anonymous said...

I SO agree with you about the Maria/Marcus storyline. In today's Coronation Street, do we think this will be a fascinating examination of the deep, intimate relationships that many gay men have with women and the complex emotions and feelings that can ensue? Or a sensationalist pantomine with fists and insults flying, Eileen and Sean as the Ugly Sisters and lots of "heartbreak", pregnancy and a child tug o'war?

Mrs Barton said...

Why not give it a chance to play out before writing it off?

Danny-K said...

"...Well, he’s not gay. Or maybe he is. Or maybe he’s bisexual. Or maybe he’s confused. Or maybe... it’s us poor fans who are confused...who knows?
What we do know is that Marcus and Maria are now officially an item, a couple, a pair. the viewers have taken strong positions on what Marcus should, or should not, do as a gay man..."

I have no axe to grind over the 'Marcia' pairing, and can accept it quite happily - but find it hard to accept that they were both so desperately aching for physical nookie so much that they kept Kirk awake at night with their headboard banging sex-machinations!

Was raw sex the over-riding draw between this couple? I think not.

The storyline would have been much better in my opinion if a considerable time had passed after they first confessed their love for each other after the initial fumbling kisses, with Maria content just to be held by Marcus and Marcus content to hold hands with Maria, and the question of sex taking some while to resolve itself.

I just don't think there's been any sign of Marcus staring at Maria in admiration or of Maria gazing lovingly at Marcus, yearning for bodily contact.

Much better if they'd struggled to come to terms with the sex instead of going at it hammer'n'tongue at every opportunity from the word go, because neither initially had their breath taken away by the other's physical beauty - it was a meeting of like-minded personalities, which slowly developed into feelings of mutual love.

Surely Maria would not risk 'forcing' sex on a confused Marcus in the early stages, for fear of Marcus going, "Euwww, sorry but I've changed my mind!"?

If there's any confusion it's because of the going-at-it-like-rabbits-implied sex scenes.
The meeting of minds developing into something stronger and longer lasting we could take; the instant, breathless, so loud it's keeping-Kirk-awake-at-night sex coupling of the pair rings completely false notes.

Anonymous said...

As predicted, this otherwise potentially interesting story has been run like a race horse rather than playing out at a more emotional pace. However, I agree that we should wait to see how it plays out before we speak on behalf of viewers (and gays) everywhere about how much "we" all hate it.

Billy Niblick said...

I was wondering what the chuffinell had happened to Ted as well. He's a lovely, gentle character, is Ted. I'd love to see him back.

Anonymous said...

Well, I found the footie scenes with Steve moronic. Why was he acting so mentally challenged?..flobbing around with that black headband on and gurning like there was no tomorrow. I cringed during the dialogues between Stella and what's her name..not even interested in who she is and terrible acting and eye rolling all around. Then we are to believe that Jason is so out of his mind with grief and rage over the pairing of Maria and Marcus, he goes off his nut and punches Marcus in the face. He wasn't that upset when his true mate Rosie left the street!

ChiaGwen said...

Well, another good thing about the Marcus/Maria pairing is the good riddance of Aiden - weird character poorly acted.


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