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Friday 23 November 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 23 Nov

Coronation Street, Friday 23rd November 2012 at 7.30pm

FIZ IS DETERMINED TO PROVE KIRSTY HURT HER. Tyrone is pondering Fiz’s accusation against Kirsty. At the factory Fiz voices her suspicions to Michelle and Rob who hold an emergency meeting over the sewing machine incident. Julie’s in a state blaming herself, while Kirsty continues to play the concerned colleague. Rob and Michelle interview Kirsty and ask if she tampered with Fiz’s machine but she plays the innocent and Rob’s satisfied with her answers. Off the hook Kirsty tells Fiz how much she’s enjoying the fact that everyone believes her version of events. Seething Fiz eyes the phone before deciding she has to take drastic action. As the police arrive at Underworld how will Kirsty react?
DAVID TURNS ON KYLIE AND NICK. David sulks after Kylie’s made it clear she doesn’t want a baby with him yet. The couple row and Kylie heads off to work where she confides in Nick. Reluctantly Nick agrees to have a word with his brother, reasoning that the timing mightn’t be right to have another child. David’s furious that Kylie’s been talking to Nick and heads home to have it out with his wife.
LEANNE THROWS HERSELF INTO HER ENGAGEMENT. Leanne throws herself into organising an engagement party. She invites Stella and a less than enthusiastic Eva. After she goes Stella warns Eva not to start interfering as far as Leanne and Nick are concerned. In response Eva smiles sweetly. Like butter wouldn’t melt…
Elsewhere Sophie attends a physio session with Jenna before persuading her to give her a lift home. Is Sophie developing a crush on Jenna?

Coronation Street, Friday 23rd November 2012 at 8.30pm

BATTLE LINES ARE DRAWN BETWEEN KIRSTY AND FIZ. The girls are agog and Kirsty is bottling her rage as the police officer interviews her about the incident with Fiz’s sewing machine. Kirsty pretends to be incensed at the injustice and without any actual evidence against Kirsty there is no case and the matter is closed. Fiz is frustrated. When Tyrone hears about Fiz’s accusations he’s horrified and calls at no.5 to confront Fiz, insisting that Kirsty is innocent and she has no right to make false allegations. As Tyrone claims that if she persists it will be the end of their friendship there’s a knock at the door, it’s Kirsty. Panic stricken Tyrone hides in the kitchen. But when he overhears just what Kirsty has to say to Fiz will the scales fall from his eyes?
DAVID BACKS KYLIE INTO A CORNER. After rowing with Kylie, David storms out, refusing to go to Nick’s engagement party. Later Max asks where David is bringing it home to Kylie how tight the bond is between her son and her boyfriend - (oh dear, ITV, tut tut. We all know Kylie and David are married!) As they finally iron out their differences, David tells her he just wants to make their family complete. As his self pity mounts will Kylie find herself reaching a decision she could live to regret?
NICK AND LEANNE HOST THEIR ENGAGEMENT PARTY. Nick and Leanne’s engagement party is in full swing at the Bistro. Eva arrives with Stella and a very fixed grin as they toast the happy couple. But as Nick makes a speech about how much he loves Leanne will Eva be able to mask her true feelings or is her bitterness towards Leanne about to come pouring out?
Elsewhere Jenna calls at the Websters house with some exercise sheets for Sophie, Sophie’s delighted to see her as Jenna tells Sally and Kevin she’s making good progress.

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Anonymous said...

David and Kylie are married, no? i was confused by the reference to David as Kylie's "boyfriend".

Anonymous said...

They got married at the registry office Kylie wore the red saloon styled dress at the ceremony where Bec and Steve were to be married.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Engagement party already, they only agreed to get married on Wednesday, when is the wedding - Saturday?

Glenda Young said...

yes, that reference to Kylie and her boyfriend David is wrong - tut, tut, ITV.


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