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Thursday 9 August 2012

Corrie news and spoilers from Phil Collinson

Digital Spy has a long inverview with Coronation Street Producer Phil Collinson and he reveals lots of spoilers and hints about the storylines that will take us up to and a little beyond Christmas. In point form:
  • Carl and Peter will be back over Christmas. Nick and Leanne have more twists and turns ahead. Someone plans a Christmas wedding. Who? And will it go off?
  • More dynamic explored between Carla and Rob.
  • Rob's middle name is Darren, thus solving the query about the name we'd heard before. Ok, probably just a cover because they didn't check, I reckon. 
  • The domestic abuse storyline won't be over soon. As in real life, it will continue on once the baby is born. 
  • Tracy will continue to make trouble for Steve (no surprise there, then)
  • It will be hard for Sunita to admit she made a mistake with Karl. 
  • Lewis is not getting killed in a car crash. 
  • Sylvia will be back (the actress has not been well). 
  • Maria and Marcus' storyline will develop. 
  • No Sally and Kevin reunion is in the cards for now. 
  • There's a big storyline for Kylie and David from Christmas onward. 
There's lots more detail and information and it's a very interesting read. I think the next six months on Corrie are going to be quite watchable.

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Anonymous said...

Some of these do sounds great but oh lord, I do NOT miss Peter and Carla, and dread the return of the tedious "love rectangle". It made some interesting characters very boring!
The thing about Maria and Marcus is very odd...guess that she and Jason won't last?
And Tracy and Steve... seriously! Lest I sound too negative, there are some things that look good; Faye's father? Kylie and David? Sylvia back (YAY)?
I am sure that the writers forgot that Carla's brother was called Darren.. hasty retcom ;)
Rebecca in TO

Tvor said...

Definitely a retcon on Darren/Rob, i'd say. Cleaning up an "Oops".

Nathan Johnson said...

Carla Peter Leanne storyline continuing - crap and boring

Tracy causing more trouble for Steve and his love life - crap and repetitive

Sunita and Karl - crap and stupid

Only thing I am looking forward to really is David and Kylie, they barely appear. Oh yeah, and GIVE DENNIS TANNER SOMETHING! Introduce his family.

Sorry for the use of crap, but seriously most of it is, most of these storylines are getting tiring.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts after reading the interview...
- So it's either a Peter/Carla wedding or a Nick/Leanne wedding, and it's got to be who ever pushes for the quick divorce - I can't really see that being Leanne for Nick.. I really wish they'd finish the whole love square.
- "Rob's middle name is Darren" LOL!
- Poor Tyrone staying with Kirsty in desperation of a family - good storyline I think.
- I actually like Tracey's continued obsession with Steve, it's always been there.
- Sunita and Karl *yawn*
- Maria and Marcus? What about Jason?

ChiaGwen said...

Well, thank God Lewis isn't going to be killed in a car crash. Love the character and he is perfect for Audrey. So, Sunita thinks she made a mistake with Karl.....does that mean more tedious scenes with Dev in a reunion..? Hooray that Sylvia will be back - she's been missed!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Hope that Lewis becomes a fairly permanent member of the cast. He can always swan off somewhere if Nigel Havers has a short term commitment elsewhere. Rather sorry that Brian and Julie won't have a shop. I think they would be a hoot trying to promote exotic veg as the basis of a healthy diet.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Love that Lewis is sticking around, and that we'll see a bit more of Sylvia. There you goFrosty, her absence explained.

njblas said...

I'm glad Phil Collinson has at least addressed the issue of Darren/Rob rather than ignoring it.
I only wish the interviewer had asked him about Leanne's mother - who had always been referred to as Babs before Stella arrived on the scene. When Leanne found out Stella was her mum, I expected there would be some explanation like "my maiden name was Babcock - Les always called me Babs" - but it was never addressed.

Anonymous said...

So, once again I see we are presuming that the "Maria Marcus storyline will develop" means they will become romantically involved? It is possible that they will develop a strong friendship, living under the same rof and all and who's to say she can't have Jason as a boyfriend at the same time? Even if Maria and Marcus start playing happy families, it doesn't have to have a romantic/sexual twist, it could just be about their closeness and sharing responsibility for raising Liam (and/or even another child). Bring it on, I say, at least it'll give us something new to talk about!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that Phil.

Interestingly he says first: "In the end, what matters most is how much the public is enjoying the show."

Then he says "I think I've said before that you can't make any show 'for the fans' in that way - we just have to trust our own instincts as a creative team, and make sure that we tell the best stories."

Which is it?

Frosty the Snowman said...

I would have liked to have asked a question to Phil When are you off mate?

Glenda Young said...

Thanks so much for blogging this Diane! It's great, lots of spoilers and I agree he's done a u-turn on Darren/Rob's name.


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