Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nigel Pivaro: "Corrie tempted me back into acting"

There's a good interview with Coronation Street actor Nigel Pivaro, who is returning soon as Terry Duckworth, in this week's fab Inside Soap magazine.

Nigel says that he's been working as a journalist for the last 5 years and when he got the call from Corrie to ask him if he wanted to return, he was delighted to be asked.  He says that only Corrie could have tempted him away from his day job to return to acting.

It's an interesting, long, read and Nigel says it's strange being back on the cobbles without the actors Liz Dawn and Bill Tarmey on set, who played his on-screen parents Jack and Vera Duckworth. 

Nigel says: "I shed a few tears for Liz and Bill when they came out of the show.  I've tried to prepare myself for them not being around but there's still a strangeness to it. I keep expecting Bill to turn up behind me armed with a script and ask when we're going to run lines together. They were a big presence in the green room, so it's odd."

Anyway, there'll be plenty to keep Nigel busy while he's back on Coronation Street as Terry meets his son Tommy, sets up a lap-dancing club and manages to upset just about all of the residents.  Nigel is back on our screens as Terry Duckworth on Monday 16th April and will be on the cast for a couple of months.

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David Cameron said...

I know Nigel Pivaro is great friends with Bill Tarmey in “real” life. However Nigel was never much of an actor and looks awful now. It doesn’t seem to make sense that he would come back to the Cobbles after all this time. I think he is just going to be a Panto villan that will be off again after duping son Tommy out of his inheritance. Pretty predictable really.

Anonymous said...

Hope so - terrible actor

Nick Clegg said...

I hope he doesn't leave, I like him!

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