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Friday, 13 January 2012

Amber Waves

Am I the only one who thinks Amber's been getting a rough deal of late?  It seems that she's getting blamed and criticised for events that really aren't her fault, and in the process becoming something of a pariah.

Take Sophie & Sian.  Somehow it became Amber's fault that Sophie fell for her.  A single kiss - a kiss delivered to rescue Sophie from an unwanted suitor, remember, not a romantic one - and Amber became the target of Sophie's desires.  She did nothing to encourage it, there was no affair or furtive hand holding, and when Sophie came clean Amber immediately said she wasn't interested.  After that, she was simply being a good friend, rightly questioning how Sophie could declare her love for Amber one minute and Sian the next.

The kiss at the hen do was a bit extreme, but again, she was right; Sophie needed to realise that she wasn't ready for marriage to Sian.  Yet Amber's the one who's getting screamed at in the Street and given the cold shoulder.

Similarly, Amber seems to be getting the blame from Sunita for her new car.  It was her 21st birthday and Dev surprised her - why is she getting any heat at all?  Sunita, of course, just plain dislikes Amber, which is another problem for me - whatever the circumstances of her birth, she's Dev's daughter, and Sunita needs to stop being jealous of how he treats her.

I love Amber.  She is more brittle since she returned, admittedly, but I love her sarcasm and her willingness to prick Dev's pomposity.  She's also just a fun character - while Sophie is full of angst and pain, it's nice to have a girl who just wants to go out on the lash, have a couple of snogs and enjoy herself.

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Tvor said...

I agree. I don't blame Amber at all for the breakup though maybe she went about it in a cack handed way, trying to point out that Sophie wasn't ready for marraige. Sunita is defintely taking out her frustrations at Dev on Amber and come on, Dev is hovering near bankruptcy and he bought her a car?? I don't blame Sunita for being furious about that but you're right, it's not Amber's fault.

Glenda Young said...

well said scott.

Looney Baloon said...

I dont know where all this animosity from Sunita towards Amber came from either, when Amber was in it before they got on together perfectly well. Sunita is just another sourpuss moaning all the time, lucky punters in the Rovers looking at her mardy face.

Adam Rekitt said...

I thought Amber was the only good thing about the Sian/Sophie wedding that wasn't. She injected a dose of much needed realism.

I completely disagree about Sunita though. She has every right to be annoyed with the way Dev treats her. But it just makes me wonder why she came back to him. And it's pointless anyway, because I never concentrate on any scene containing Dev, because I am too busy marvelling at how he has kept his job.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you exactly Scott, have been wondering why everyone is blaming Amber. Amber has done her fair share of bad things but this isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

I just find Amber's ersonality plain annoying regardless of her activities and commentary. I'd love to see the back of all of the Alahans - they are all pointless and frankly so is Sophie and Kevin. Time to change out some of the dead weight - Dev has never been anything but a panto character anyway. Weirdass that he is.

maggie muggins said...

Well, the wedding fiasco wasn't directly Amber's fault, true. I recall how she dealt with Sophie's confusion over that kiss tough, and she had a distinct nasty look of wanting to play with Sophie's head over it. Even though she said she wasn't interested later, I think she had realized too late that her game playing wasn't benign.

I agree, Sunita's hatred of her is a bit bewildering. I can see some of it because of Amber's nasty attitude. And I too wonder why Sunita is with Dev, and it's fun seeing her stand up to him now.

Frosty the Snowman said...

The whole concocted storyline of Sunita leaving a kind handsome man, a big stunning house in the suburbs with a garden for the twins to up sticks to move back to a two up two down with a yard with the awful Dev was frankly preposterous as is every storyline with the Alahans. Everyone but everyone thinks he is an idiot and I dont think he has any fans so its one of the world's big mysteries why he is still there, with a character staler than last week's loaf. Neither Sunita nor Amber should have had their characters resurrected, we have to move forward in the Street not keep rehashing.

Tvor said...

I agree that bringing Sunita back the way they did was ridiculous as was the whole bankruptcy storyline with no mention of selling the house and flat which would have put them back in the black in no time. But i do like Sunita and i am glad they brought her back, just wish they'd been able to find a different way.


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