Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 7 Aug

Wednesday 7th August

EILEEN FOLLOWS HER INSTINCTS Eileen quizzes Jan but he insists he was working in Birmingham but something is niggling her and she heads to the salon where she finds Jan, Nikolai and Rachel hastily putting all the fixtures and fittings into a van.
GARY CATCHES A THIEF Gary calls in the flower shop and rifles through the desk drawers in search of his money. Mary assures him that the drawers were empty when she took ownership. Ryan tells Alya he’s sold some vinyl so he can now afford to join her in Copenhagen. Alya’s thrilled. Gary tackles Ryan over the missing money. Ryan swears blind he knows nothing about it but when Alya lets slip that Ryan has come into some money, Gary quietly fumes.
TOYAH CAN’T HOLD HER TONGUE Toyah frets about the flat purchase, unhappy at the thought of ripping off Claudia. Unable to live with the guilt, Toyah steals herself to tell Claudia the truth.
ELSEWHERE Carla refuses to go out for lunch with Peter and instead heads over to Sally’s hot tub. Emma agrees to babysit Joseph for Gemma instead of going to the hospital to visit her dad.

Wednesday 7th August

JAN COMES CLEAN TO EILEEN Eileen is gutted when Jan tells her that he’s a liar and a cheat and that he never cared for her. A fight ensues between Jan and Nikolai who smashes Eileen’s phone so she can’t call the police. As Eileen starts to fear for her life the police smash their way into the salon and arrest them all and cart them off to the police station. Having been interviewed by the police, Eileen’s released without charge. Abi explains how Seb called the police which led to the raid on the nail bar. A downbeat Eileen tells Abi that Jan was part of the trafficking ring.
RYAN UNDERESTIMATES GARY Gary confronts Ryan over his apparent windfall. When Gary threatens to call the police, Ryan admits he took the money from the desk drawer but swears he had no idea it was Gary’s. Gary tells him he can pay it back plus interest.
KEN REALISES WHAT HE’S ABOUT TO LOSE When Claudia announces that her plans have changed and she’s moving into her flat after all, Ken masks his disappointment, aware that he’ll miss her. Rita urges Ken and Claudia to talk honestly with each other as it’s clear to her that they’re going to miss one another.
ELSEWHERE Carla steps into the breach when Roy slips in the cfe injuring his back. Fed up Emma reluctantly agrees to mind Liam as well as Joseph.

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David Hughes said...

So much theft and nastiness going on in our Street that Toyah stealing herself sounds almost plausible !!

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