Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Corrie's Vicky Jeffries - the new Elsie Tanner

Is anyone else loving the return of Vicky Jeffries to Coronation Street right now? She's wasted in her scenes with Robert for all sorts of reasons. We know the actor who plays him is leaving, so where's the point in investing in that relationship?  And even if he was staying, Vicky is far too good for him anyway. As you can tell, I'm a huge Vicky fan.

I thought the comic potential was there right from the start for a rivalry between her and Tracy when it turned out that Tyler was the father of Amy's baby. The two mothers had their claws out for one another, and my money was on Vicky to win.

I hope that Vicky stays.

She's got the potential to be the new Elsie Tanner. Anyone with me on this?

Our blogger Emma Hynes met and interviewed Kerri Quinn. It's a great read and it's here.


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Charles said...

I'm not sure I agree with you at all. Elsie was a complex character with a lot of depth to her. Vicky was introduced as a one-note, gobby nightmare, but instead of natural character evolution she's just shifted into whatever she needs to be to fit the story she's in - and she's been involved in a fair few different plots for a relatively minor character.

Once again, the Corrie writers have tried to develop a female character by making her desperate to have a baby (this came and went with both Toyah and Kate far too recently). I think they could use some reminding that there's a lot more to most women than just wanting to pop out a sprog!

Jumping Jack Flash said...

Of course she's not the new Elsie Tanner! What a ridiculous suggestion!

Rebecca said...

I like her, but I wish the writers would give her more depth.

Anonymous said...

A one-note mouthy cow? No, Elsie wasn't that.

Anonymous said...

I loathed Vicky at first, but I'll admit she's growing on me. Unfortunately it seems unlikely that she'll be staying as Robert is leaving.

Alas, I'm too young to know anything about Elsie Tanner!

Freysimo said...

The great Pat Phoenix was acting in Corrie's glory days when there were good writers and good scripts for female characters. Sadly, the writers seem to think that smutty comments are what constitute good writing now. The potential to be the new Elsie Tanner? Are we watching the same programme?

Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada:

Vicky is absolutely ghastly, can't stand her character. To me there's no comparison between her and the great Elsie Tanner.

Unknown said...

Pat Phoenix was a terrific actress & with great writers created a unique character----Elsie Tanner. No need to compare anyone to her----I believe recent cast additions should be recognized for developing new characters using their own special talents.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Vicky. During her time at the factory she came across as a one-dimensional vicious, nasty cow who would attack her fellow workers for the hell of it, and I can't really believe she would take up with Robert, who is too wimpy for her! I don't think we need another loudmouth, unpleasant, tiger mother character, as we already have Tracy, Seb's mum, and Beth.

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