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Corrie weekly update – August 10 2019

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Gary Windass opens an emporium selling second-hand furniture where he finds a wad of cash in a drawer of an old table. The table’s bought by Mary and Gary’s in a panic, he rushes to the florist shop to get the money back. “Get your hands off my drawers!” Mary cries. Too late, the money’s gone. It turns out Ryan’s taken the money and lies to Gary that he hasn’t found it. But when Ryan flashes the cash and books a holiday with Alya, Gary knows the lad’s lying. He threatens Ryan and tells him to keep the stolen cash, but he wants interest paid on it.  

Gary also takes it on himself to do right at Underworld for causing Rana’s death. He brings in a fella called Derek and tells Nick and Sarah that Derek’s an investor. He’s not. He’s deep in debt to Gary and Gary’s using him as a front to “save” the factory in Gary’s name. How can Gary afford to invest in the factory? Well, he’s only gone and found another stash of cash in a safe in a lock-up storage place. And wouldn’t you know it, he even guesses the code to open the safe too. Some guys have all the luck.

And some of them don’t. Cue Imran this week who lies to Claudia. She’s trying to sell her flat as she doesn’t want to live near the bail hostel. Imran has insider news, the bail hostel isn’t going to open after all and he tries to buy Claudia’s flat from her at a knock-down price. But Toyah’s on the case, she tells Claudia the truth and Toyah falls out with Imran.

Claudia then tells Ken she’s moving into her flat and out of No. 1. Ken’s not quite sure what to make of this news. Despite her decluttering No. 1 he likes her company and doesn’t want her to leave. He’s in a dilemma and goes for a pint where he and Rita prop up the bar of the Rovers. Rita gives Ken a few words of advice. Life’s too short, she says, take love where you find it. 

Elsewhere this week, the human trafficking gang are arrested after Seb calls the cops to the nail bar. Eileen’s there too, she’s gone looking for Jan after he tells her he’s working away in Birmingham but she hears from Dr Ali that he saw Jan drop Seb off at the hospital after the nail bar gang beat him up. Still with me so far? Anyway, Eileen’s taken to the cop shop with the nail bar gang, protests her innocence and she is freed. Eileen can’t help but feel cheated by Jan, she thinks he was involved in the human trafficking gang. And it’s true, he was, but he was working as an informant for the police. So it turns out he’s a good ‘un after all. But Eileen doesn’t know this yet and moans about always falling for criminals. 

In the corner shop, while Dev’s away, Evelyn plays. And what is she getting up to now? She’s taking bets on Weatherfield County football games, using inside information she’s received from James Bailey. Running illegal betting games in the corner shop? Dev won’t be best pleased to hear this when he returns from India next week.

Meanwhile, Sally invites Carla and Maria for a lunchtime session in her garden hot tub. Carla takes up the invitation and drinks apple juice. Carla also helps out Roy in the café this week as he’s short staffed, although she does get a few orders wrong and isn’t cut out to be waitress material. “She sabotaged my sausage,” Peter Barlow complains. 

And finally this week, Emma is in a bad way as news reaches her that her dad’s in hospital with stomach cancer and he’s not got long left to live. This story paves the way for Steve McDonald to be revealed as Emma’s dad, a story I’m looking forward to a great deal. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I am appalled that Gary who's responible for Rana's death,never showed any remorse and gets his way in the end by being a partner in the factory.
Why didn't Sarah warn Nick about Gary's dealings with a loan shark?
As for Nick maybe now he'll know how Carla felt when she was blinsided by Peter selling his shares of the factory to him,now he'll have to 'deal with it' having Gary as a partner.

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