Thursday, 8 August 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 7th Aug 7.30pm

Seb's lovelorn hunt for Alina and into the murky world of modern slavery looks to be coming to fruition tonight. With another batch of young Polish ladies destined for slave labour at the nail bar, and Seb still in the hospital, Jan's involvement is undoubtedly clear; but to what extent?

Ryan may have stolen Alya's heart but stealing from Gary might not be the best when trying to raise funds to join her on holiday.With no idea of the money's location, Gary heads to the florist to have a rummage in Mary's drawers (in true 'Carry On Corrie' tradition, of late). Mary professes her innocence and is quick to point the finger in Ryan's direction.

Meanwhile, Sally and Maria invite Carla over for a session in the hot tub. Confiding in her pals, Carla confesses to enjoying the calmer side of life (post-factory) and is even embracing teetotalism. I like it! Meanwhile, morally mischievous Imran is struggling to sell the dodgy flat sale idea to girlfriend Toyah. Bumping into Claudia, the usually caustic redhead is complimentary to Toyah, and it isn't long before she admits the truth about Imran's duplicitous behaviour. Later at the Rovers,  Claudia confronts Imran and admits she knows the truth. Angry at her 'betrayal', Imran wonders whether he and Toyah are suited as a couple after all.

At Roy's Rolls BFF's Emma and Gemma are enjoying a fry-up, and Peter hopes to win round Carla, after the Whatsapp mishap.  Meanwhile, Emma offers to look after a glowing Gemma by treating her to a meal at the bistro. Later, Gemma lets down Emma as she has to go out with Chesney, and quickly ropes her into babysitting Joseph. Emma admits that she had planned to see her dad in hospital but as ever, Emma agrees to do Gemma the favour.

Confronting Ryan at Speed Daal, Gary threatens the DJ when he plays it innocent over the stolen cash. A definite threat, in fact. Later at Speed Daal, Alya tells Gary about her Copenhagen break with Ryan, and the proverbial penny (or £650 to be precise), drops.

Back at Eileen's, Jan has returned from his overnight trip, and Eileen is quick for answers about his disappearance and his involvement in Seb's trip to hospital.  Denying all knowledge, Jan is quick to another disappearing act back to 'Birmingham'.

Finally displaying some of her bullish tenacity (that has recently been hidden), Eileen follows Jan and finds him at the nail bar. With Rachael and Nikolai also at the nail bar, is Eileen now in danger?.

Be back here later for my 8.30 episode review, to find out.

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