Monday, 11 February 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 11 Feb

Monday 11th February 2018

NICK CATCHES SHONA OUT Shona finds a DVD on the doormat and is horrified to discover someone filmed them whilst they slept. Clayton tells her the prison bullies were behind it and she needs to help him or they will be after her. Shona is cornered by two thugs in the barbers shop will she agree to their demands? Nick walks in and demands to know what is going on.
PETER TAKES THE WIND OUT OF ABI’S SAIL A loved up Abi has spent the night at number 4 and is clearly loved up. When Peter tells her that Nick and Gail want the boat moving and a mate has offered him a sailing gig in Kefalonia in a fortnight and he’s going to accept she is gutted.
CARLA LOSES SLEEP OVER ROY LOSING SLEEP Carla is shocked to find Roy sleepwalking in the street and advises him to go and talk to someone as clearly his mum’s death has brought this on.
ELSEWHERE Johnny and Jenny return to find the pub in a state of disarray and Chesney and Gemma locked in the cellar. Emma’s appeals for some more shifts fall on deaf ears.

Monday 11th February 2018

NICK PUMPS SHONA FOR INFORMATION Nick follows Shona and is intrigued to see her take a parcel off the two thugs in a street. Nick confronts her and asks her what is going on.
PETER BRINGS A NEW SHIPMATE ONBOARD Upset at Peter’s plans to take off Abi hits the bottle and lashes out at Carla for keeping Peter dangling and unable to move on. Seeing how upset she is Peter suggests she could come with him.
ROY SAYS GOODNIGHT TO SLEEP Carla despairs to find Roy pouring over the inscription on his mother’s ring yet again. Carla enlists Brian’s help in a bid to unravel the mystery of Roy’s mother’s ring.
ELSEWHERE As Tyrone struggles to juggle work and parenthood, Dev has an idea and sends Mary to the rescue. Gemma puts pressure on Jenny to give Emma a job, Emma’s thrilled.

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Anonymous said...

How is it that Sarah and Gary are sleeping in the living room but weren't waken up by someone breaking in?!
As for Shona she should go to the police!

Ancient corrier said...

Not to mention David the dog, why wasn't he barking his head off?

Anonymous said...

When Shona and David went to bed David said something about Gary and Sarah being out til late because they were at the cinema. It then showed the person breaking in.

Still quite unrealistic that David and Shona would fall asleep and be filmed that quickly but oh well.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is stupid...bringing Clayton back is stupid. What a rubbish storyline!

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