Thursday, 1 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 31st of Oct 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog and the first of tonight's two episode reviews.

As Halloween dawns on Coronation Street, will tonight's double bring any ghouls and ghosts to the residents?.

It may not be ghosts, more ghastly illness, as Sinead's recent diagnosis news starts to spread across the cobbles.

Beth races to the hospital to console her niece, as the couple announce they will keep their unborn baby.

Over at Sally's, a smitten Gina is playing surrogate wife to Tim. Less impressed with the sandwich offering, Tim later has a hotpot with Steve at The Rovers (not a fan of bananas Tim?).

A couple less ready to play, however, are Steve and Tracy. Back from his Mexican meander, Steve is still on Tim's sofa, hankering to return home. Tracy threatens an annulment but is obviously more preoccupied with Abbie's garage drama.
As Steve finally gains entry to the flat, he finds the garage laptop. Is Tracy's secret out?.

At Underworld, Peter's deadline extension causes more animosity with Carla, as the girls get busy with Sinead's designs for the fundraiser.

Back at Weatherfield General, Sinead and Daniel contemplate chemotherapy, little realising that it must start immediately. The fast pace of cancer shows Sinead little respect. Harrowing, harsh, and a reality that is far more scary than any Halloween.

In other news; Ali is called into work, Jenny plans a Halloween party, and Chesney breaks the sad news to Joseph.

Keep your eyes peeled for my 8.30pm review, coming to the blog later today.

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