Monday, 5 November 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 5th November

There is love in the air tonight (or is it gunpowder?), but will there be fireworks for our couples on the cobbles? Let's find out, shall we?

NICK AND LEANNE. Toyah tells her sister not to trust Nick, something that is proven when she overhears that Nick's bought into the factory and wastes no time spilling the beans to Lee, who puts a rocket up Nick's bottom. But it's D.I. Carla who finds out about the mystery 'E', i.e. Elsa i.e. Nick's co-owner of the restaurant in Nottingham.
PETER AND CARLA. No-one's told the workforce either that glowery, sexy Peter is out and tedious, smug Nick is in. Bah. Carla summons Peter to the Bistro and asks him to delay the sale of the factory so that they can work out their differences and find a way to work together. He tells her to sling her hook but Johnny has a word, telling him that Carla still fancies his pants, and although she later  claims otherwise, there are definite sparks flying between the two of them.

GINA AND DEV (AND TIM AND SALLY). Sally has made a friend, who practices yoga, and when a guard tells her to stop doing her Shavasana on the floor, Sally's organising instincts kick in and she's calling a meeting to talk about exercise, recreation and nutrition, demanding a meeting with the governor. I think our Sal has been binge-watching OITNB. At visiting time, Sophie tells her mum she's proud of her, but Gina reminds Sally that she's no longer the mayor, and should keep her head down. It descends into sibling squabbling with Gina claiming she's put her life on hold to look after Tim and Fay(e), because a grown man can't look after his daughter, apparently. Guilty conscience much, Gina?

Meanwhile, Dev flirts with Gina over Tim's hangover cure in the shop. I guess the way to Dev's heart is throwing a dart at him (and who hasn't wanted to?). Dev says he wants to get back together but he puts his (punctured) foot in it, when he tells Gina to sack off Weatherfield vs Scarsdale (away) to go to a swanky do with him, and their date is a damp squib. Gina goes home and snuggles with Tim over a boxset on the settee. Sally's prize sofa!

RYAN AND BETHANY. Ryan's gone from death's door, to walking through the door of Michelle's flat. His teen girlfriend Bethany, who you'd think would steer well clear from older men, comes to see the patient. Over a rousing game of Go Fish, Ryan confesses that he's having nightmares about the crash. She comforts him, he tells her she's amazing and she lights up like a roman candle, going in for a goodnight kiss.

You know what's astonishing? James Borrows (Ali), despite looking 35, is only 27, whereas his "brother", Ryan Prescott (Ryan), who looks no older than 14 is actually 29!

KATE AND RANA. Kate goes to the port to meet Rana off the cruise in order to propose to her, but she has missed the boat. Instead of texting her gf to say: "Guess what ship's here lol laugh-crying emoji", Rana turns up to the pub to ask Johnny for Kate's hand in marriage. I'm pretty sure that lesbians don't do this. Anyway, after some shenanigans, in a Hollyoaks turn of plot, they propose to each other, and slip sparklers onto each other's fingers. Boom bang a bang!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty bored of this tedious cycle Carla and Peter seem to be stuck in. Peter suggests there's still something between them, Carla adamantly denies it, Michelle voices her hatred of Peter. Dull.

I also wish the writers had done more to work on the unfinished business between Carla and Nick instead of Carla saying, "Shall we have a coffee to clear the air?" and Nick shrugging it off saying "There's no need."

Louby said...

I read that, thinking that I don't remember any of that second half stuff then I realised that I had forgotten to turn back to itv at 8.30. That's how thrilling part one was!

I am also bored with the whole "couples getting back together" thing, although Peter and Carla is slightly more appealing than Nick with anyone!

Nick is certainly a character who doesn't look his age. He's meant to be 38, but looks over 50 easily.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, as I know I'm gonna offend a lot of people here. But I can only cringe when I keep reading this whole 'Peter and Carla - the sparks between them and chemistry is just off the scale!"" thing. And when I hear the "Peter remember, I know you!" thing. All Peter/Carla and Nick/Leanne are based on is a whole "I love you so much, but you let me down!" thing that just involves the characters intensely staring at each other. It's so boring to watch.

Nick/Carla and Peter/Leanne on the other hand, have such a natural chemistry. And these episodes proved that. Nick manages to bounce off Carla so well - it took me back to 2010 with the two of them and the factory scenes between Carla and Liam.

Peter and Leanne are so easy to watch and I think Leanne is who Peter will always turn to in a crisis. And their Tram Crash wedding and 2012 break up were way more powerful than any "Carter" scene. They can actually have a laugh together, case in point "at least I'm not the only one who feels like a mug" instead of "Peter... is it true?, it true?"

Sara said...

Ryan is too old for Bethany . She needs to find a nice normal lad her own age. (Yes, I know that will never happen on Corrie)

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