Friday, 5 October 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 5 Oct

CARLA AND JOHNNY USE HONEY TO CATCH A WASP Johnny and Carla stash a packet full of fake cash in the urban garden as arranged. Hannah receives a text saying the cash has been dropped. As Kirk takes photos from Victoria Court trying to discover the big cat Carla watches him, could they hold the evidence she needs to expose the blackmailer and will Jim and Hannah realise they’ve been duped? SINEAD KEEPS DANIEL IN THE DARK When she receives a letter from the hospital Sinead stoves it in her pocket unopened. As Daniel talks about the baby Sinead becomes upset but blames it on her hormones.
ELSEWHERE Imran represents Ryan in his police interview. He tells them the truth about how he delayed calling an ambulance. The police warn if the pills found in his pocket match those that killed Cormac he’s in serious trouble. Ronan’s menacing as he tells Michelle he’ll be waiting for Ryan when he gets out. Eileen despairs when Liz admits she still has feelings for Jim. Jack’s down as he tells Kevin how everyone treats him differently now at school.

JIM AND LIZ GET CLOSER Admitting how much she’s missed him Liz and Jim kiss.
DANIEL PLANS TO ESCAPE THE WEDDING CIRCUS In a bid to do something romantic, Daniel plans an alternative wedding for he and Sinead...tomorrow! As Sinead secretly makes a biopsy appointment for the morning, she claims she has a dentist appointment and agrees to meet Daniel back at the flat before Tracy’s wedding, unaware he has other plans. Tracy’s hen do takes place in the bistro.
ELSEWHERE Tracy’s hen do takes place in the bistro. When Ryan finds out Ronan has been looking for him he purposefully smashes up the police waiting room and kicks an officer to ensure he’s locked up again.

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Anonymous said...

No point in Ryan thinking he's safe in a cell when we already know one of the coppers is on Ronan's payroll.

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