Wednesday, 10 October 2018

First-look pic: Liz discovers the horrible truth about Hannah

This is the shocking moment when Liz McDonald discovers her ex husband Jim kissing the woman she thought was their daughter - and realises she has been the victim of a heartless con.

In Wednesday night’s Coronation Street Liz finally discovers what viewers have known for weeks - Jim and Hannah have joined forces to rob her of her life savings, and are lovers not father and daughter.

In recent episodes Jim has developed strong feelings for his ex wife and has started to regret the decision to let Liz believe Hannah is their daughter Katie, who died shortly after birth, and that she needed money to treat the hereditary condition Myotonic Dystrophy. 

Having asked Liz to give their relationship another try Jim tried to persuade Hannah to leave Weatherfield alone with Liz’s £10,000.

But Hannah has her suspicions about Jim and Liz’s feelings for each other and is not about to give up on her dreams of a future with Jim.

Tonight (Weds) she gets Jim to come to a hotel room during Steve and Tracy’s wedding reception and goes in for a kiss, failing to tell him Liz is in the bathroom.

How will Liz react when she realise what the duplicitous pair have been up to - tune in at 7.30pm and 8.30pm to find out.

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Christine K said...


Anonymous said...

I hope Hannah is off my tv screen real soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is every young woman's dream to have a life with an alcoholic, ex-con brawler who is old enough to be her father and has no money. Totally believable, writers.

Abercrombie said...

Ha, ha, you have really amused me Anon 17.32. Of course, you are quite right :)

coconno196 said...

Anon 17.32: Jim could even be Hannah's grandfather as he is well into his 60s. I also wonder how he found a 26-year-old girlfriend who was conveniently willing to pretend to be his daughter. Horrible story, I hope Liz gets her money back.

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