Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 10 Oct

JIM’S CAUGHT IN A FAMILY AFFAIR Liz tells Jim she’d like to give their relationship another go. But as Hannah watches on will she realise his feelings for his ex are genuine and not part of their deception as he claims?
ALI AND RYAN ARE NO BLOOD BROTHERS As a battered Ryan returns home Ali’s unsympathetic, revealing he’s been suspended because of Ryan. When Robert finds a funeral wreath on his car and another arrives at the flat, Michelle’s had enough and sets off to find Ronan.
ELSEWHERE In turmoil Sinead agrees to go ahead with the pagan wedding but will she confide in Daniel about her health?

HANNAH’S A LOOSE CANNON At the wedding venue Hannah sidles up to Johnny and demands £5k or she’ll tell Jenny about his affair with Liz. Will Johnny comply or is Hannah about to drop another bombshell and unmask herself in the process?
MICHELLE CONFRONTS RONAN Michelle attends Cormac’s wake and implores Ronan to see that Ryan was only trying to protect his son. Ronan looks at her with contempt.
ELSEWHERE With Sinead’s consent Daniel reveals she’s pregnant, as they’re congratulated Sinead tells Beth she will always put her baby first. Beth’s unaware of the enormity of her resolution.

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1 comment:

Shells said...

I know it's just a soap storyline - but it's so rude to book your last minute wedding at the same time as your sister's and steal all her guests. LOL! Tracey is entitled to be upset about being sabotaged like that. Even Beth wouldn't say, no, Daniel, do it tomorrow? ;-)

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