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Coronation Street Episode Review; Friday 5 October 2018

A slightly humdrum Friday night in some respects.  We had better start with Matters McDonald as it looks like this might all unwind pretty soon.  Johnny stashes a bundle of cash in a clutch bag by the Bee house in the memorial garden.  During a fire alarm at Speed Dahl Hannah marches into the garden and stuffs the bag unopened into her much larger carrier bag (I was always told to leave any potential fire scene without taking any bags).  Later she opens the bag to find a pile of newspaper cuttings the size of £50 notes.  She is therefore hardly surprised when Liz turns up and says she knows that Hannah has been blackmailing Johnny and why.  Hannah (to save her skin and the scam on Liz) comes up with a whole bundle of lies but it seems that Liz believes that Jim is not involved in it so he's not.  The two of them seem to be getting a lot closer (above)?

How did Johnny and Carla know that Hannah collected the money given all the people in Victoria Street when the alarm went off as Carla was sitting outside Costa coffee and saw nothing through the crowd?  For that we have to thank the Big Cat stakeout team.

Tyrone, Daniel and Kirk are on the tracks (literally) of the Weatherfield Big Cat from this fire escape across the road from the Memorial Garden.  Kirk is videoing everything and his phone records Hannah doing the pick up.  The Big Cat story grumbles and growls and purrs and miaows throughout the two episodes.  However there are no sightings.

Talking of Daniel when he descends from the lofty heights he starts to form a plan.  He wants to get married to Sinead although he does not know she has a medical problem.  This seems to occupy his thoughts more than the Cat hunt and he decides a very small informal wedding ceremony is the way to go.  Indeed to keep it small if he has it at the same time at the McDonald bash on Monday then all of the family will be busy elsewhere, including Sinead who has a medical appointment for her cancer on Monday morning but she will be back in time to go to the big wedding at lunchtime.  Daniel talks Kirk into conducting the ceremony and we are given a reminder that at the moment neither Kirk nor Tyrone are actually married to their partners.

Ryan is questioned by the police over Cormac's decease with Imran eventually turning up to act as his representative.  Lack of evidence to prove that Ryan had supplied Cormac with the lethal drugs means he is released.  However Truman has been making it clear to Michelle that he does not need proof that Ryan killed Cormac and he will be ensuring that Ryan is dead to her.  When Ryan gets released from custody he thinks that being in the lock up is safer than being unprotected on the Street if Truman is on the rampage so Ryan turns wild inside the police station waving around a fire extinguisher and hitting some officers leading to him being locked up again.  He did not reckon that Truman would have the cell superintendent on his payroll - but soon finds out when he is presented with a plate of inedible food (above).

Finally we have Tracy's hen do at the Bistro.  Earlier Abi arriving for another dance practice at Eileen's (smallest dance floor in the north) and heard Steve on the phone to Leanne about the bunkup and puts two and two together.  She threatens to tell Tracy but Steve counters with blackmail over Abi inserting her tongue into his mouth when they snogged a couple of weeks ago.  They both go to the hen do and there is farcical exchange of nonsense reasons which merely has Tracy asking questions.  Then Tim lets it all out of the bag (above).  Following that Tracy cannot stop asking questions.  No-one is providing any answers.

To wrap up this is the moment that Hannah found Jim and Liz all wrapped up in each other, after all Liz told Eileen over lunch that she cannot forget the hurt Jim has caused - but she still fancies him like mad!

Next week I will probably not be here.  @MsKelstar will be here and I will be back.


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