Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Guess who Martin Platt brings back to Weatherfield?

Via @SeanWilsonChef on twitter: Just sayin Hi from the dressing room..👍🏼

Sean Wilson, who plays Martin Platt in Coronation Street, started filming for his return to the cobbles today. The picture above is one that Martin posted to his twitter account this morning.

And today it has also been revealed by the tabloids that Martin will be returning with a pregnant girlfriend in tow when he comes back to help David Platt after the rape storyline.

It's reported today that Martin will make his return to Weatherfield with his pregnant girlfriend Robyn.  Now then, that's a nice bit of continuity because Martin left Weatherfield to go and live with Robyn so I guess this means the pair of them have been together since.

I wonder if it's the same actress making a return?

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Anonymous said...

I liked Martin with Gail and the Platts, but found his extracurricular relationships either dull or disturbing. Let him come back alone, not with a pregnant partner... after all this time, as if.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, I thought she was pregnant when he left?!

Tvor said...

If it's the same Robyn he left with, and she had a baby a few years ago (I remember David sulking about it), why can't she have another one now? As long as they don't forget about the other one she had.

Christine in Canada said...

I agree with Tvor..Martin and Robyn already have 1 child together so what does it matter if they have a second?

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