Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Has Cinderella Gemma met her Rockefella?

In the previews for next week’s Coronation Street, there’s a wonderful story to look forward to involving Gemma.  She gets her very own Cinderella moment!

Gemma crashes a posh house party and gets chatted up by a lad called Henry Newton. Now then, I wonder if this is the same Newton fella who was rumoured to be the grandson of the Newton & Ridley brewing family dynasty?  You can read more on that here.

Well, the police raid the party and Gemma quickly does a runner. But in her hurry to get away from the cops, she leaves behind her sparkly shoe at the party. Henry picks up the shoe, gutted she’s gone.

Oh, I do hope we have the Cinderella moment in the Rovers where Gemma has to try the shoe on and Harry Newton falls at her feet!

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Anonymous said...

Let’s have lots of ahh moments in this story line please not lots of stupid break ups and frustrating misunderstandings.

Aussie Pete said...

Hoping this starts out very comedic and turns into a NICE little love story

Flo said...

I would love to see this! So much negativity and horrible stuff on the show anymore, it's lost any signs of humor and fun.

C in Canada said...

It would be nice to see Gemma with a nice fella.
If he is the posh lad they're rumouring, they'll be like oil and water, that's for sure.

Rebecca said...

It would be great to give Gemma a happy life, but still keep her spark.

LJ said...

It is totally unbelievable BS! Everybody goes to the cafe to pay for a coffee, even if they live next door, the sewing machinists never have their machines switched on, always examining the knickers gusset, every time someone goes in the Rovers someone offers to buy them a drink, every other person is gay including the vicar, perfectly normal. HA!

Kim Harris said...

Yes I agree, she’s rough n ready but she’s a lovely girl why shouldn’t she get her man?

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Some people have very short memories where Gemma is concerned. She was and always will be a wrong'un. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Since Rita has taken Gemma under her wing,Gemma has grown into a nice young lady who deserves romance and happiness.
I'm tired of the cheating and affair storylines or every other bloke sleeping with Sarah,so I hope this is a love story with a happy ending for Gemma!

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