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Saturday 28 October 2017

Corrie weekly update - Trouble at Mill

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Starting with the big story of the week, Pat Phelan shot and killed Andy Carver after forcing Andy to shoot Vinny Ashford in a deserted paper mill. He then bundled up the two dead bodies and threw them in the river.  It was dramatic, that was for sure. Whether it was the Coronation Street we all know and love is another matter altogether. If only there had been some humour, some light, to play against the dark and the death. If only. Light and shade, humour and drama is what Corrie all about but this week it lost its funny bone.  

Seb fell from a ladder and ended up in th’ospickle with a bleed on the brain.  Phelan then goes and puts one of Anna’s ear-rings inside Barlow and Grimshaw solicitor’s office beside the window from which Seb fell, intent of framing Anna for Seb’s accident.  Phelan’s not best pleased with Anna after she told Nicola about her dad’s real past. Wanting to know more, Nicola went to visit her mum’s old friend Lydia who revealed the horrid truth that Phelan had raped Nicola’s mum. Armed with this news, Nicola confronted her dad and told him he was dead to her.  

Mary’s turned into the mother in law from hell as her jealousy over her son’s wife and child gets the better of her. Mary’s always had a nasty streak, it’s just lain dormant for a while but it has now reappeared in a very nasty way.

On a lighter note (thankfully) this week, Steve and comedy Dev have a bit of a moment in the corner shop where Steve was trying to get his step count up on his fit bit by power walking up and down the biscuit aisle. Speaking of which, Steve wants a fit bit for himself and moans to Dev that he hasn’t had a date in ages. Dev and Gina set Steve up on a blind date, but it’s Moira (or Moo-ra as Steve calls her) who turns up. Suffice to say, this isn’t a date that’s likely to be repeated any time soon. But after the date, Tracy and Steve shared a bit of a moment… could it be a hint at them getting back together?

Also this week, Aidan leans in for a kiss from Alya as the two of them grow close working together on a special project while Underworld stays shut.  Speaking of which, a cheque arrives for Fiz and Tyrone for two thousand pounds, from a woman who’s been moved reading Hope’s cancer story on the crowd funding page. Fiz and Tyrone are torn – but not for long – over what to do with the cheque. Do they keep it or share it with their work colleagues, as that was the whole reason for setting up the crowd funding page in the first page. Well, they’re keeping it for now.  

And finally this week, Craig gets a new mentor at work but young PC Tinker looks set to be developing some form of obsessive behaviour after the trauma of what he went through with his last mentor, evil Neil.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Anonymous said...

So after seeing Andy whom we were led to believe was already killed by Phelan being chained up and tortured by Phelan only to be murdered in the end,that's sick!
Furthermore what was the point other than to drag this tedious storyline longer?!
Perhaps when Andy's and Vinnie's bodies are found,then maybe we'll see Phelan get his comeuppance?
Ironically Eva did suspect that Aidan was cheating on her with Alya who was quite angry at her 'false accusation'.It looks as though Eva did see something between Aidan and Alya who has her eye on running the factory.
Sadly Fiz has become her mother[and Tyrone's no better!]!

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I don't see how Phelan is going to get any real comeuppance - anyone who knew about the kinapping, torture and imprisonment of Andy and then Vinnie are now dead. So how will the truth come out? It's a sure bet that Phelan isn't going to cough up to it. I don't see how the murders can be pinned on him either, if the bodies don't surface. Very very disappointed about the turn of events last night, such a waste of time. What is Ms Oates thinking?

Louby said...

I've already commented on the main storyline, so I'll just say that Steve putting his Fitbit on the dog was hilarious!


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