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Saturday 21 October 2017

5 reasons why Eileen Phelan needs some Grimshaw grit

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn
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Whenever you go on twitter and read about Corrie, one thing is clear, Phelan gets people typing. Some love the way he has developed, and others wanted rid a while back. But the key thing is, he makes fans animated and keeps them talking about Coronation Street. 

But, Weatherfield we have a problem! And, it's Eileen. Here are some reasons why I have a problem with Eileen at the moment. 

1. Eileen has caustic humour. I say has, because she used to. She has become a woman from the 1970s who spends many episodes trying to find out when her man is coming home. I want more from her than making someone's tea, or handing them a cuppa. 

2. She has lost her intelligence. Love is blind, but does it mean that common sense goes completely out of the window? Phelan is despised by many on the cobbles. Eileen does not seem to know why or simply ignores the flack. He bleeds, she goes for a plaster and buys every story he gives her. He sneers at the camera and she smiles sweetly. 

3. Family is out the window. She would be all over Summer like a rash, wanting to babysit and help out. She barely notices her. Apart from the odd really short phone call with Jason via Ramsay Street, she has no real time for any of them. Why is she blind to Todd and Billy's problems. She would be trying to solve this and help them.

4. Liz's BF. She and Liz are there for each other. They speak and have the odd night out, and I get that much of this was when they had been dumped. But, their interaction is great for viewers and we rarely see it any more. 

5. Eileen and Steve are one of Corrie's finest double acts. They share humour, stories and advice. If he is down, he goes to her. And some of the best scenes revolved around their exchanges in Streetcars. Now, we rarely see them argue, laugh or even say hello. 

In summary, Phelan is well written and I can see how there has been mileage in who he really is, as he is complex and not simply a stock villain. But, it is time for him to pack up his tool box and exit stage right. Why? Because Corrie needs Eileen Grimshaw back, as Eileen Phelan is boring, naive and really irritating. 

Come on, Eileen! 

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn
You can read all of Glenn's guest blog posts here.
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here! 

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Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Eileen, never have, never will. Thick as pigsh!t and twice as sloppy.

popcorn said...

Right on the money. We want the old Eileen back.

Anonymous said...

Dont mean to post as Anonymous, but it won't accept my URL.
Loved Eileen when she first arrived. She was funny, strong and independent. I agree with Anon that she ihas become thick and sloppy, and can't blame it on Phelan as she was going that way long before he pitched up.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with Anon at 18.53 that Eileen was once, a very long time ago, a witty and strong female. Then she got some strange storylines, the worst of which was a pairing with Paul the fireman. They looked completely wrong together and the writers had her canoodle with her fella right under the nose of his sick wife. She stopped being witty and became nasty, with a tendency to poke her tongue out at people. Eileen is one of the reasons I haven't got into the Phelan storyline. I ought to care about/be angry with the woman who is propping him up. As it is, I'm not bothered what happens when Eileen finds out or how she manages to face her neighbours. It would worked so much better if Phelan and Liz had got together.

Rebecca said...

I also agree. When Eileen arrived she was a classic Corrie woman and her scenes with Steve were priceless! I'm hoping as Phelan's inevitable downfall happened we'll see her old self make a resurgence.

Tarrah Corrie said...

Eileen is a desperate woman...a lonely who is willing to ignore that which is right under her nose.
This is true of many relationships. When the man enters, all of the woman's interests become focused on him. Friendships fall to the wayside, family relatioships are often fraught with tension and the woman chooses the man. Everyone around her knows but she can't see it.
There are so many women in the real world who do this, so it's no surprise.

I liked Eileen, I liked her with Sean Tully, I liked her with Steve, I loved her fight scenes with her nemesis Gail...but now? Can not wait for her to find out that she's been a schmuck and a sucker. NOW she can develop a friendship with Gail as they both have something in common.

SuzInToronno said...

Wow, never realised it but you're right. Normally she'd be smack in the middle of the Summer situation, with plenty to say about Billy's actions.


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