Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Corrie “shares” character with ITV thriller ‘Liar’

The ongoing storyline involving Pat Phelan and runaway villain Vinny Ashford introduced us to a familiar face recently, as we met Vinny’s mother Flora McArdle. Easily manipulated, Phelan has been using elderly Flora to get information on Daniel’s investigative plans and of course he’s keen to track down fugitive Vinny – who’s real name we now know is Harvey McArdle.  

Eileen as Mrs McArdle

Mrs McArdle is played by actress Eileen Davies, who you may have spotted on ITV’s hit show ‘Liar’ recently starring Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggatt. Amazingly, Eileen again plays a confused elderly relative of serial rapist Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), who he too manipulated in order to get away with his scheming and lies.

Aunt Sylvia in ITV's 'Liar'

Eileen doesn’t just play confused old ladies though, and she has actually been in Coronation Street before. Most recently she played Celia Smethurst, a church-going friend of Emily Bishop who was part of a little club of funeral gate-crashers that included Blanche Hunt. And even further back than that she has appeared as Judge Carmichael on two separate occasions in 2006.

Do any of you know who has played the most different characters in Coronation Street?

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coconno196 said...

Phew! Thanks for that. I thought it was me getting confused!

David Hughes said...

Never mind whos mither she is, this continues to be the most ludicrous storyline in many a year. I know Corrie is a pantomime, but really. Andy disappears for six months without trace until we disocver he's in a cellar, with a beard but other still looking pretty good without ever having gone to the loo or had a wash. He's fed about twice a week, has no toothbrush and no one has ever wondered where he is. Now he's looking to stick Daniel down there instead. I guess if it's meant to be black comedy...but actually it's not that funny either.

Cobblestone said...

Stevie! What were you thinking?!? Spoilers! I’ve just watched the second episode of ‘Liar’, but now you’ve given the game away, I suppose you’ve saved me four hours, as it’s pointless watching the rest of a drama that’s predicated on the ‘who’s telling lies? Him or her?’ Mystery. Thanks a lot, mate!

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