Monday, 23 October 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review 23rd October


Nicola gets some free building advice from Phelan and some advice on parenting (!), telling her that she doesn't need to tell Gary about his impending fatherhood and he and Eileen are all the family she needs. Talking of family, Pat goes to visit Flora, just in time for Vinnie/Harvey to turn up. He threatens Varvey, telling him he'll never see his dear old mum again if he doesn't repay Pat the money he nicked. But Phelan has other plans for Varve as well, promising Andy that he'll be the basement replacement. He lies to Andy, telling him that it was Vinnie who watched Michael die, and not Phelan.

I do wonder if Phelan is taking on a bit too much; you can only fight enemies on so many fronts and Phelan has a lot of irons in many fires.

Meanwhile, Seb gets some free childcare from Anna, to Abi's disgust. Fay(e) sees the texts between the two and continues on with her two plus two equals five theory that they're at it. Seems a little unlikely that a fifty year old would be having an affair with a sixteen year old, but I haven't read Take a Break recently, so what do I know? A social worker turns up to the house, stressing out Abi, who has her drug dealer on speed-dial, and gets a special delivery. When Seb reassures Faye that he's not having May to December shenanigans with her mum, he takes her to his house, only to find his mother collapsed. The paramedics give her a temporary fix, but she refuses to go to hospital. The social worker returns and the twins are taken into care, for which Seb blames Anna, but I think we know who's phoned the social, don't we, viewers?

Alya is trying to work at home, making samples, hindered by Aidan complaining about the mess and refusing to help her with her with her attempts to start a new business. Instead, he goes to the pub to drink shots, insult Eva and wind up Adam. Johnny tries to give him a talking to, but he's too full of self-pity to care. Eventually though, he agrees to help Ms Nazir. What happened to the headscarves for kids?

Mary apologises to Jude and then goes to view a flat with Angie in Victoria Court. She hasn't really learned a lesson though, offering to babysit, querying Angie's fake job, interfering.

And finally, Steve, keen to lose some weight for a nicer picture for a dating app, agrees to go on a good walk ruined play golf with Dev, who even gives him a FitBit. You know, Steve, there's an age-appropriate single lady living with you, don't you? She even has a new yoga DVD!

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Suz In Toronno said...

haha! Basement replacement. =D

maggie muggins said...

Goodness those were 2 dark episodes. Hardly felt like I was watching Corrie. Was there a secret built-in contract to transform the show as soon as they got an extra episode?

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