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Thursday 19 October 2017

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 18 Oct, 8.30pm

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn
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In many ways, I really like the direction Corrie is going in, including the sheer amount of storylines. But I cannot buy Billy as a Charles Bronson style figure who fights in the name of revenge. I know this frames a back story that comes back to haunt him. But, it feels about as believable as Mary suddenly getting a job as a hit woman, who listens to Iron Maiden! 

Meanwhile, Simon is scowling again. He has blurted out what the vicar had been up to. Send in Toyah as the mediator. Did I mention she has quals in counselling? 

Sinead, who rarely knows whether to scratch her watch or wind her butt, has now proposed to Chesney, following the sudden death of Katy (who?) and poor Chez is left as dumbfounded as we are. Will poor Joseph reappear aged 25, moody and smoking dope? Coldplay sing on the jukebox as Sinead calls Chesney and confirms that she wants him. Until floppy hair nips into the pub for some Kale crisps. Careful, Chez! 

The bells ring out and he is getting wed. Over Katy yet? Who is she? We need some Phelan. and Seb brings out the worst in him, when he asks for a pay rise and inadvertantly discloses that it was Anna's idea. Bang goes Seb's pay increase. Is this all being set up to make us believe that Seb is Andy's replacement? Phelan does an Alan Sugar and Seb's fired (again!) - poor lad!

Poor Katy is not buried yet and, yet in't Rovers they toast the engagement. No-one seems bothered about Katy, Anna would be ringing her hands and screaming, usually. 

Peter appears to try and 'set the record straight' in front of Summer's social worker. He speaks as if he is appearing on Judge Rinder. Will she fall for this and forgive the man of the cloth? Would you? 

Comedic value comes in the form of Kirk.and his campaign. Sally better watch out. Brexit, Trump and the recent German elections all bode well for Kirky! 

Summer's wooden social worker falls for Peter's performance. Todd, though is not as fooled. He has become a brilliant character, as he is no longer a panto villain. He has feelings and some morals. 

Daniel and Kate come to the pub for a "laff." When Beth tells floppy the news, it is not quite the laff a minute. He is disappointed and upset and is sick on the cobbles. Strange, because he was with Lois Lane the other week,  a right lothario this one. 

Todd sympathises with Billy, when in reality given the storm brewing - he should run. I wish they could just be happy with this wonderful little girl. But, if everyone were happy in soaps, what would we talk/blog about? 

I'm away next Wed, so no blog from me I'm afraid. Until next time.....

Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn

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Anonymous said...

Gone are the days when everything stopped in our house for it is on in the background and I am on level 285 of Candy Crush.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Peter's laid-back explanation about how Summer came to have the dope felt very out of character. He would have shown greater remorse and kept his mouth shut about Billy's brother. A plot device then to allow Billy's loss of control. This dark side isn't too convincing.

Sally Dynevor is brilliant. Other actors have been praised for performances when they have had a lot of input from writers and directors in major storylines. Sally D can turn her hand to anything - major storyline or one-off comedy scenes - and that's why Sally M is the best female character on Corrie right now.

C in Canada said...

OMG Katy died? I wonder what of? I'll have to wait a few weeks to find out!
However, she left Chesney and moved to another country, so why should that stop him from getting engaged??

Anonymous said...

Katy was in a car wreck. They said it several times.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,In Peter's defense,I thought he showed genuine remorse and as for mentioning Billy's brother,that was in response to Billy accusing Simon of 'bullying' Summer who has been getting in trouble all on her own recently.
I also thought Peter had a point when he said the problem is closer to home as both Billy and Todd have been neglecting Summer recently despite Billy's claims Drew wanted her with him.
I wonder maybe Summer would be better off living with her grandparents?

Julie said...

Glenn, I can't believe you don't know who Katy is. Not that much of a Corrie fan are you.

Tashacat said...

Julie, I think Glenn's being sarcastic. (At least I hope he is).

Glenn Meads said...

Thanks Tashacat. I was and know who Katy is.

Glenn Meads said...

Julie, I do know who she is, it was a joke. And C, Chesney got told she had died and was shocked and upset one minute and the next? Engaged.

popcorn said...

To be fair to Julie, Glenn, I think quite a bit of this review was difficult to understand.

Glenn Meads said...

Thanks Popcorn. You try to not simply describe what takes place, as that's not a review. And I like to use humour and personalise a blog, and make people smile. I'll describe more next time. Have a good weekend.


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