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Thursday 26 October 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 25th Oct 7.30pm

Welcome to part one of this week's Weatherfield Wednesday double!.

As Corrie gears up in this action-packed 'Phelan Week', will the wicked builder take his sinister plans to another level?.

Phelan finds a picture of Michael Rodwell, Anna smashes a plate; tensions are immediately set.

Anna is upset that Faye is convinced she called the social services about Abi and the kids. As Faye seeks solace with her father Tim and Councillor Sally, I wonder who placed that call?.

With Alya and Aidan looking to  develop a new business relationship, the other factory girls crowd-funding campaign isn't exactly gathering pace, much to Fiz's dismay. However, with Tyrone receiving a cheque in the post, are things finally looking up for the couple and their enterprise?.

Seeing Alya with Aidan, Tracy tries to twist the knife with ex-beau Luke. Is Tracy jealous or not enjoying single life?. With Steve McDonald being 'double dated' by Dev, it seems another ex of Tracy Barlow may be available again?.  I enjoyed 'Leanne and Steve' but anymore screen-time from Kate Ford is a bonus, in my opinion.

Anyway, also perturbed by Anna's recent actions, Seb consults Phelan and begs for his job back. Phelan is obviously determined to irritate the 'chargrilled fish wife' and asks Seb to continue with the window cleaning, until he's done with other business. Now Vinny is back on the street and lurking in the shadows, no cleaning will remove the dirt that Phelan has found himself him.

An inevitable darkness is now about to smear over Weatherfield?.

The darkness continues in the poorly lit (is it always green?) cellar, and passing Andy the picture of his dearly departed 'Dad', Andy's now poised and ready for Pat's next instruction. Will Andy ever escape his prison?.

With Seb now working with Sophie and doing a 'double shop' window clean for Dev, Anna tries to reconcile with the youngster in Roy's Rolls. As tensions rise, Anna slaps Seb, which is witnessed by a smirking Phelan. Further repercussions look to be felt from the slap as Anna visits Phelan at the builder's yard.

Phelan riles Anna, with his tales of taunting the recently bereaved Owen. Quickly and violently retaliating, Anna is lucky to only lose an earring. Phelan quickly collects the lost garment, I wonder what he will do with that?.

Whilst Seb is busy cleaning windows at Adam's offices, Sally reveals it was she who called the social services!. Has she set herself up for a fall?.

I doubt she has, but a downtrodden Seb continues to run out of luck (and height) and he falls from his ladder, only to be witnessed by Anna!!.

We were pre-warned of tonight's violence, but will it get any darker?. Will Phelan ever get his comeuppance?.

Keep your eyes peeled for tonight's review of part two from my pal @Glenn_Writer

Speak next week!.

I'm now off out for my supper.. chargrilled fish, anyone?.


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Anonymous said...

I thought Anna slapping Seb was very understandable when he insulted her openly (using Pat Phelan's insults) after everything she'd done for his family. Also, the point where Anna broke in the builder's office was when Phelan taunted her about Kevin falling for Erika's "nice legs." That's a more recent wound than Owen. Again, understood why Anna lost it.

Anonymous said...

I think you may be relying a little too heavy on the rhetorical questions there.

maggie muggins said...

What happened with Steve and Leanne? I thought they were still together for the baby.

Will be glad for a Phelan commupance, but getting there is neither scary, unique or otherwise enjoyable.


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