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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Shayne Ward Interview: Carla's return and Aidan's new feud

Aidan has had a tough time since the fiasco at the wedding, how is he feeling?
He’s lost everything and he’s full of emotion; he’s angry, he’s unhappy, he’s lost the factory and everybody blames him and he has lost the lady who was going to be his wife. He’s really angry with Adam for destroying the factory and he’s devastated that Eva had a hand in it too. He knows what he did was wrong and he’s remorseful for that, yes take his money but don’t destroy the factory and everyone else’s livelihoods, that’s what’s got him the most. 

What are his feelings towards Eva and Adam?
Aidan despises them. Deep down I think part of him does still love Eva but he hates her now for what she’s done and there’s no going back from that. He hates the smugness that Adam has about him now, knowing that he has taken his money and Aidan can’t prove it.

How does Aidan feel when he finds out that the insurance money has come through and Johnny is planning on using it to go and live abroad with Jenny rather than re-building the business?
He’s annoyed that he hears the news from someone else then when he confronts Johnny all excited about getting the factory up and running again and he learns that they’re planning on moving to Spain he’s not happy. Aidan has always believed that Jenny’s a gold digger and he thinks she must be behind the decision. Aidan can’t understand why Johnny doesn’t want to turn the factory around, it’s just another knock for Aidan.

At the same time Aidan gets into a feud with Todd, what’s it all about?
It’s all linked to the fact that Todd works with Adam so Aidan decides Todd must have known about what Adam did to the factory and he wants to expose their dodgy dealings. So a feud begins between Aidan and Todd and Aidan is on the warpath.

Todd isn’t a character to be messed with. Aidan is starting to get his life back on track as he sees a financial advisor about getting investment for the factory but when Todd gets wind of this what does he do?
When Todd gets wind of it, and discovers that Aidan has been sleeping rough in the factory, he tries to use that to jeopardise Aidan’s chances of getting a loan which further ramps up the feud. There’s even more to follow, Todd takes it one step further.

Does Aidan realise he’s playing with fire with Todd?
Aidan’s now starting to see what he’s playing with. Aidan can handle himself and probably thinks he can match Todd.       

Does the fact that Aidan’s been sleeping rough in the factory show us how much that Aidan has lost?
Aidan’s lost everything; he had the flat, the girl, the status, the factory, he was the boss, he had it all. He was living it and up and now he’s sleeping on the factory floor, his dad doesn’t want to know him, everyone from the factory hates him and he’s got nothing.

Do you feel sorry for him?
Yes I do now, I didn’t initially when he was cheating on Eva but my sympathy is with the fact that he is getting blamed for the destruction of the factory which wasn’t down to him. He takes full responsibility for the affair but what’s happened after that was Eva and Adam taking things way too far.

What would you like to see round the corner for Aidan, would you like to see him sort his life out?
He can either pick himself up or he could go to ground. It’s in Aidan to want to better himself and to prove to his dad that he can be a businessman and he can make a success of it. But it’s also in Aidan to fly off the handle and when Todd takes their feud to the next level I don’t know what Aidan will do. He’s volatile and he can be handy with his fists whereas Todd is cunning and will play mind games.

Are you looking forward to Carla’s return at Christmas?
It’s amazing to have her back, we’ve done a few scenes together already and I’m loving it. She left as our step-sister and now she’s back it’s great for the Connors, we’re all buzzing, it’s like she never left.     

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