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Friday 27 October 2017

NEW PICS! Will Andy murder Vinny in evil Phelan's plan?

Pat Phelan is set to take his evil deeds to a whole new level in tonight’s epic Coronation Street double bill.

In the past few days viewers have seen Phelan take a second hostage and arm himself with a shotgun as he plots to take revenge on fellow conman Vinny Ashford.

Phelan has convinced terrified Andy that he will set him free if he helps take Vinny hostage as his replacement

But it soon becomes clear in tonight’s episodes that Phelan has murder in mind - and he expects Andy to kill Vinny in order to buy his freedom.

As these new preview pictures show, Phelan is a man on the edge, capable of anything. He has a gun and is out for revenge. In the sinister gloom of an abandoned paper factory there is a sense of foreboding as Phelan tries to convince Andy to pull the trigger.

Will Andy succumb to Phelan’s evil manipulation? Will anyone get out alive?

Tune in tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm to watch the drama unfold.

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C in Canada said...

Andy has no family who's wondering where the heck he is?
He's been 'gone' for months!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

Andy has been psychologically tortured and destroyed/perverted/degraded to the extent he will be pushed to kill a tied up, gagged, beaten man in cold blood??? Human beings reduced to desperate drowning bugs climbing on top of each other to stay afloat! What kind of vision of humanity is that for a soap to present and to explore in such extensive detail? The darkest crevices of human nature--what we would all be likely to do to survive if we are broken, terrified, and abused enough. Turns my stomach every time it's on.

Where's Emily?? said...

I'd like to see Andy at the last minute turn the gun on Phelan in a DRAMATIC TWIST...then we could see Vinny and Pat begging for their lives while Andy toys with the idea of being Weaterfields newest Superhero..Score one for Michael and Calcutta!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I can believe Andy would want to kill Vinny if he's brainwashed to believe he's avenging Michael's death. That can't happen though; it's far too simple and too dark - even for Corrie. This is, after all, before the watershed. More likely, Andy will have a panic attack, not have the strength to pull the trigger or Phelan gets wounded in a struggle. Nicola may turn up unannounced and the moment is lost while Phelan heads her off. On another point, if the plan were to succeed, I guess Phelan would have to burn the house down to destroy the evidence of someone living there. Vinny (and Andy) would have to be buried elsewhere because I think even a charred body (or two) can be identified through dental records. All too complicated so my money's on Phelan dying as a result of this or another plan going wrong. Andy and Vinny disappear never to be seen again.

Anonymous said...

We know from spoilers that Phelan is present at a Christmas concert, so I'll go with Humpty's Plan A.

Anonymous said...

Will this story line never end?

Jeevn said...

Both got killed! I can't take this plot anymore


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