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Sunday 22 October 2017

Corrie weekly awards for October 16 - 20

Dubious Taste in Women award: Dev Alahan. Hand it to him on a plate, he'll not say no.

Parents' Worst Nightmare: Carrying your unconscious child to an ambulance or hospital.

Pants on Fire award: Liz set up the whole business with Tom Ridley and the suspect pint!

Dream Team award: More like a nightmare but rejecting Kirk is like kicking a puppy, isn't it?

Common Sense fail: I understand Chesney was shocked and upset to hear about Katy but he barrelled out of the hospital room in a backless hospital shirt. In my mind, Sinead ran down the corridor after him waving his trousers.

Musical Ambiance: Mary singing Miserable Lie by The Smiths while Angie pretended she had a job offer back in Capetown.

Lines of the week:
Daniel "It's hard loving someone who doesn't love you back. Worst feeling in the world"
Mary "It can't be easy for Angie, relocating with a small baby in tow" Norris "Not to mention an over zealous mother-in-law" Mary "You make it sound like a bad thing"
Jude to Angie "You're getting a persecution complex, it's not a good look"
Tim to Kirk at the dart board "Can I play?" Kirk "I'd rather play with meself" (how do they get away with these lines!!!?)
Sally "Don't speak ill of the least not for a month or two"
Mary "Some lines need to be crossed"
Sally "This is my campaign HQ not a knocking shop!"
Tracy "History should stay where it belongs and that is in the past"
Tracy to Sinead "If I had to listen to you wittering on about soap, I'd chuck myself in the Irwell" Daniel passing by "What would be the point of that? Witches float, don't they?"

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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PoidaPete said...

Family logic fail - Chesney loses his ex-girlfriend and flies over to be with his son. Izzy cries and waves him off. Don't you think she'd be on the next flight over as well to be with her grieving family?!?

Abercrombie said...

Sinead in need of therapy award - proposes to a shocked Chesney and then her dreadful family celebrate in The Rovers with no compassion for the tragedy just taken place. Quite dreadful and implausible. Although Beth is as selfish as the day is long, so maybe the writers did get it right. Was painful to watch tbh.

Abercrombie said...

Also 5 minutes before she was flirting with Daniel.

Tvor said...

Chesney asked Dev for a loan for the flights. I would imagine Izzy wouldn't have had the money herself either. Gary likely would have paid since he's got some cash lately but he's away.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Absolutely, Aussie Pete. I was half-way through my comment, saying the same thing and then realised I hadn't seen Izzy take the phone call - if it was shown. With so many episodes, I don't watch every single one from start to finish. I'm wary of making a comment in case another viewer posts that it was clearly explained in a scene I didn't see. This is going to happen all the time. Yes, Izzy should have flown over too as airlines can accommodate passengers with disabilities. The storyline wasn't about Izzy so authenticity was ignored. Maybe, she'll be missing at some point and there will be a casual remark in the factory that Izzy's in Portugal.

I've just seen Tvor's comment but surely one of Izzy's parents would have paid for the flight. I really don't like it when these details are missed from episodes and fans work it out between themselves. It's down to the fast pace of the show but all it needed was a line from Izzy, saying that she'd get there as soon as she could.

Rapunzel said...

I can’t remember how Izzy left it with her mother. Are they still feuding? If not, Linda was well-off, so yes, it’s inconceivable that she wouldn’t have gone over too. Or at least shown up in the Rovers to castigate Sinead, Beth et al for their insensitivity. But as this storyline appears to be more about the Sinead-Chesney-Daniel triangle, such subtle nuances appear to have been missed.

Anonymous said...

I would've thought Owen would pay for Izzy's flight over if she's that hard up.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly Izzy's mother was loaded. Surely she would pay for a flight for her and Jake. Izzy would want to be there to support her nephew and her parents.
I absolutely hate it when the writers insult our intelligence!

Anonymous said...

With regards to questions about Izzy's mother,despite the fact she was loaded,she did have an affair because she couldn't deal with having a handicapped daughter hence her inviting only Katy to live with her in Portugal,so perhaps Izzy is still at odds with her mother over this hence her mother not paying for her flight?
I do hope though that when he returns from Milan,that Gary spends time with Chesney and Izzy both of whom are mourning Katy.

Maricha said...

Didn't Chesney get a few thousand pounds from Robert after his assault? Why does he need to borrow money from Dev?

Louby said...

I agree, dreadful celebration in the pub, Izzy not going, ridiculous! Also, Chesney dramatically jumping out of his hospital bed (what was actually wrong with him?) and declaring that he had to go because Joseph didn't have anyone. Well surely his grandma who he's lived with for the last few years could manage him for a bit longer.

I really hope the child's return isn't going to mean lots more anger between Ches and Sinead. I agree with Tracy, the rest of us don't want to listen to her wittering on either!

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Louby, I think someone quickly said that a tiny sliver of glass had been missed and had gone dangerously close to some internal organ, not sure where though. Or, I might have imagined the whole thing, trying to piece things together for myself :-)

Louby said...

Thanks, that explains why he was in hospital in the first place, but makes it more ridiculous that he should just jump out of bed and fly to another country!!


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