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Saturday 21 October 2017

Corrie weekly update - Katy killed and Spice on the Street

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Summer collapses in the ginnel this week after Simon gives her a cigarette to smoke that he’s found. It’s a fag that’s spiked with the drug Spice and Summer’s taken to hospital after she’s found unconscious. When Billy finds out that Simon gave Summer the cigarette, the vicar takes out his anger by punching Peter – hard. It could all lead to Billy and Todd being unable to adopt Summer as their own once the social worker’s called in. Peter tells the social worker it was a heated exchange that he doesn’t want to take any further and he won’t be pressing charges. But Billy can’t live with the thought of what he’s done and confesses all to the cops.

Sinead enjoys a drink in the Bistro with Daniel when Chesney collapses in the kebab shop. Off we go again to Weatherfield General for yet another hospital scene. As Ches is recovering in his hospital bed, shock news comes in from Izzy’s dad to say Katy has died in Portugal. News reaches Chesney who jumps out of bed and onto a plane, but not before Sinead proposes to him. He accepts, they’re engaged, but Daniel throws up and self-harms when he hears the news.

Liz cooks up a plan with Tom Ridley of the brewery to prove to Toyah and Peter that they need her behind the bar. I like this story, a lot, and it works, it gets Toyah to believe that they’d be lost without Liz in their lives (who wouldn’t be?).  And when news comes in that Toyah’s surrogate is pregnant, they ponder the pregnancy news and realise they’re going to need Liz all the more when the baby arrives. Job done. Liz 1, Toyah and Peter 0.

Mary goes a bit mad this week and it wasn’t pretty to see. She’s jealous of son Jude’s wife Angie and turns into Angie’s mother-in-law from hell. Is this the Mary we know and love? Well yes, sadly it is, that nasty streak in her comes to the fore yet again.  Angie tells Jude she’s got a job offer back in South Africa (she hasn’t) and she wants to leave Weatherfield immediately (she does). But it’s Mary she wants to get away from as Mary’s being unbelievably intrusive and overbearing with her son and grandson – Angie’s husband and child.  As the Appleton’s pack to return to South Africa, Mary takes baby George to the flower shop and deliberately returns late in the hope that Jude and Angie will miss their flight. But then baby George takes poorly and there’s another – yes, another – hospital scene. At the hospital, all is well as George just has a viral infection but in a private chat with the nurse, Angie reveals she is suffering post-natal depression. The nurse gives Angie some leaflets to take home with her including one on controlling intake of alcohol. Of course, it’s this leaflet Mary finds later back at the house. Now, Mary thinks her daughter-in-law is an alcoholic as well as an unfit mother and a no-good trollop who has her claws into her son. 

Gina gets her mits on Dev this week as she beds the Devster upstairs in Sally’s house. They do the walk of shame down the stairs only to land slap-bang in the middle of one of Sally’s soirees she’s thrown to talk about her campaign to become mayor. Gina swaps sides and decides to put her weight behind Sally’s campaign rather than Kirk’s, in some lovely comic scenes.  But behind the smile, there’s a debt collector after Gina this week.

And finally this week, we’ve a Phelan that the Corrie villain is on a cruising to a bruising after he gets beaten up by Vinny’s henchman. Phelan also sacks Seb after Anna encourages Seb to ask Phelan for a pay rise, but then Anna gets Seb a job cleaning windows with Tim.  Faye’s wondering what’s going on between her mum and her boyfriend after she catches them whispering together in the kitchen. Oh, she’ll find out soon enough.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Anonymous said...

Why are all the children on Coronation Street such miserable, sullen little buggers? Not seen a happy child on there for years. Simon in particular, also Amy, Summer, never seem to have smiles on their faces. Probably Max is the most cheerful.

Rapunzel said...

I’m puzzled by the Return of Joseph storyline. Especially as they had to kill off his mother -offscreen - to achieve it. He’s not yet six so will be yet another rarely-seen child. They could just as easily have had him visit Ches periodically if they wanted to reintroduce him into his father’s life.

Unknown said...

I can't understand why they killed off Katy. Why get rid of a future storyline? They could have kept that character on the shelf... for years even. Then one day Surprise! Katy's back!

Cobblestone said...

In fairness, Summer has an excuse for not being Little Miss Sunshine. Her dad just died. Generally, though, you have a point.

fairycake said...

Susan Shaffer...I understand exactly what you are saying. The same thing happened with Ken's brother, David Barlow, years ago. At that time, they even killed David and Irma's young son, Darren, in the car crash. From time to time over the years I have often thought how wonderful it would be if Ken could have had his younger brother and nephew in his life for some of those 'surprise visits'...X

Maricha said...

I don't see the point in killing Katy. She could have simply sent Joseph back because he missed his father. Frankly, I never understood why she left with him in the first place, up until then Joseph had seemed to matter more to Chesney than Katy.

abbyk said...

Hold on. I thought after giving everyone a chance to smell the stinky cigs, Simon tossed them. Summer picked them up after the others had left. Thats not the same as Simon giving her the drugs. No worries, Billy got it wrong, too.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Abbyk, IIRC, Summer took them off Simon and she tossed them away, but picked them up again when the others left. But same difference really.


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