Friday, 20 October 2017

Oliver Farnworth reveals secrets of the Corrie cellar

Oliver Farnworth, who plays Andy Carver on Coronation Street, was interviewed on ITV's Lorraine this morning, in which he talked about his current storyline, being held hostage by Pat Phelan.

When Lorraine asked him if it was a real cellar that Corrie filmed in, Oliver revealed the behind-the-scenes secrets about how they film it.

Oliver Farnworth on ITV's Lorraine today
He said: "They've rented a massive studio space in Manchester and it's purpose built so it's not in situ, not in someone's house. The attention to detail is fantastic, it's really grimy and grotty and when you go in there you really feel kind of...  it's damp and it's dark and there's really not much acting required."

Despite the set being realistic, Oliver insisted Connor McIntyre is far less scary than his character Pat Phelan. He said: "Conor is a brilliant actor and a lovely man to work with. We found this way of working, where we pick apart the script. And that's the joy of it, when you're handed a script like that as an actor you just want to do it the utmost justice and go to these extreme lengths."

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Dishwasher Crab said...

Please could someone remind me why Andy is locked in a cellar? It's not that it's not interesting or anything, it's just that either I missed that episode or I saw it and forgot it.

C in Canada said...

@Dishwater Crab: earlier in the year, there was a scene where Phelan and Andy had an altercation, right before Phelan got married. He showed up to the wedding with blood on his sleeve, and it made us all think Andy was dead!
Now months later we find out he's been keeping him prisoner all this time!

I love this plot twist! Not only did I not see this coming in the least, there were NO spoilers about it!

I'm glad Andy is back, I was disappointed he was leaving in the first place. I hope he escapes Phelan and also hope he stays on the show.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Maybe Phelan's plan is to brainwash Andy into believing Anna/Daniel/Vinny is a terrible person and must be eliminated. That's what the gun is for. The plan goes wrong and Phelan is shot dead.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I care about the Corrie cellar is that it is part of a story line that was ill conceived in the first place and has gone on far too long. Just end it and get back to Coronation Street stories not this load of tripe

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