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Thursday 26 October 2017

Steve and Tracy back together - Yay or Nay?

There's a worrying story in the Metro this week suggesting that Tracy and Steve might get back together again.  Don't worry too much about the picture above - it's an old one, not a preview!

But Steve and Tracy together again? Please say it ain't so!  You can probably guess already that I'm going to vote a great big fat NAY on this one.  They're so wrong for each other, in every, er, conceivable way.  Yes, Steve is Amy's dad and that means there'll always be that connection between Steve and Tracy on the Street. But for the two of them to get back together again, oh, heavens, no! 

But hang on a minute... could it just work? I wonder!

After Deirdre died in 2015 and Tracy's character mellowed after the passing of her mum, perhaps now actually might be the right time for her and Steve to get it back on.  Steve is lost without a woman, so lost that he still lives with his mum.  And as much as I'd love to see Steve and Leanne together and running the Rovers, perhaps a Steve fling with Tracy could be fun to watch (from behind the cushion on the sofa, of course).

All things considered, I still say Nay to any possibility of these two reconnecting romantically.

What do you say, Corrie fans?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Steve's character is reasonably authentic but they don't know what to do with Tracy. She's mellow one minute, panto witch another. A truthful storyline for Tracy would be fussing around her sick dad but none of the Barlow siblings seem to worry about Ken. Tracy's probably, but not necessarily, too old to have another McDonald child - after the mandatory drunken fling - so where would their relationship go? I will despair if we see interviews with the actors, saying: 'The fans really want Steve and Tracy to get back together'. It will be the publicity machine trying to persuade viewers it's a good storyline. It isn't. No, really, writers, it isn't.

PoidaPete said...

After watching tonight's episode, there did seem to be a small spark still between them. Tracy can still be quite acidic (like her Grandmother Blanche), but there's no denying she has mellowed and calmed down after Deirdre's passing. They've got a huge amount of history, to plus it'd be interesting to see how Amy would react. I could imagine her being all 'Ugh, not this again!' and her stirring the pair of them. If Tracy stays like this, I wouldn't be against them trying again. It could work well if they made it awkward and comedic.

Tvor said...

Every time Tracy has an ill-advised fling with Steve, she gets pregnant. Doesn't happen with anyone else. The first time she got pregnant she told her mother she didn't think she could conceive due to the kidney transplant since she didn't take precautions in the past and never conceived. I just find that putting a couple together over and over and over is tedious and boring, as if the writers can't think of anything new to do with either character. I also felt that way about Ken and Deirdre. They were together by default. Loved Deirdre as a character but I felt she settled for Ken. He had lots of women over the years but most of them never stayed around. I reckon because he's rather dull and pedantic. Liz and Jim work in repeat connections because they have chemistry in bucketloads. Starcrossed lovers are not a term I'd use for Steve and Tracy.


Rebecca said...

No. Just no.

Anonymous said...

NO! No! No! Plain and simply...NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that the writers did not develop a relationship between Steve and Leanne so I say nay to a recycling of him and Tracy.
Recent;y Claire King[Erica]left the Street because she wasn't getting any storylines and yet the writers are rehashing Steve and Tracy?
If she wasn't a Barlow,I think Tracy would have been gone a long time ago.
But since she is a Barlow,Tracy gets to stay despite the writers not knowing what to do with her but others are axed due to 'lack of storyline'?It doesn't seen right.

popcorn said...

Absolutely NOT. I actually like Tracy as a single woman, and think she should stay that way. Now, Steve and Leanne.....that is another story!

Louby said...

No! There's too much comedy value in the way they are now. I'm hoping for some contrived plot to release Rob from prison early, then get him and Tracy back together.

Tilly Flop said...

I agree. I hope the manage to keep Tracy single until Rob is released from prison. They work perfectly together and compliment each other. Why does Steve have to be in a recycled relationship anyway? Can't he start a relationship with a completely new character?

coconno196 said...

I spotted the look between Steve and Tracy last night and immediately thought Nooooo! They never had a proper relationship anyway, just Tracy pursuing him and telling various lies. I prefer things as they are, united as Amy's parents and comfortable with each other. In spite of her son idea remarks, Tracy has been supportive of Steve recently, and they work better as friends.

Steve and Leanne though - when they almost got together I was surprised how well it worked.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

They've hinted at Steve and Leanne, Steve and Michelle, and now Steve and Tracy all within the space of about a month!

It's the same with Leanne, only two months ago they hinted at Peter and Leanne with that Gail scene whilst almost a week later they put Steve and Leanne together. And now Peter and Toyah are supposed to be having a child.

I have no idea where the writing team are going any of these characters, I thought the point of Oliver being born was that it'd have long term effects for all these characters and that there'd be a clear direction for this. It does feel a little bit as though they're making it up as they go along.

I really was not a fan of Steve and Leanne together, they felt really awkward together and Leanne is much better of with Peter. Steve and Tracy have chemistry, but I'm not really sure if they should go down that route again.

What's a bit odd is Peter and Tracy both have children with Steve and Leanne, and now Steve and Leanne have a child together. And if Peter and Toyah have a child together then that'd just complicate things even further.

I just really want the writers to put Peter and Leanne back together, everything else can just be whatever :P

Sarah Fallows said...

No. Tracy needs a friend and for that Steve is perfect.

Where's Emily?? said...

I like this idea. Tracy has known Steve longer than most on the street, and had a crush on him as a teenager. They know all about each other, their history etc....and this happens so often in real life that it could actually work. Maybe this is how they're going to introduce a softer, gentler, Tracy Barlow. Some people do try and change their ways (especially as they age) and lets face it, they've slept with everyone else on the street.
Give it a shot ITV...they could focus on Tracy's struggle to be accepted.

LittleFYI...I've just watched the classic Corrie from June 1977 where Tracy wins the crown as the Jubilee baby...everyone toasting her in the Rovers...loads of adoring neighbours all wanting to hold an adore the precious babe!!

Anonymous said...

Can't they ever find someone off the street? Why can't Steve just be single for a while?

Maricha said...

I'd prefer Steve be with Leanne but if that isn't to be then, yay to Tracy. She has mellowed a bit and has actually given Steve good advice a few times recently. Anyways, anything is better than seeing Steve with Michelle again. Anything.


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