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Friday 20 October 2017

Why I love Gina Seddon in Coronation Street

Gina Seddon returned to Coronation Street, played this time by actress Connie Hyde in April this year.  We've not really commented much on Gina here on the Blog apart from the odd comment I've seen from fans saying they don't really like Gina.

Well, I love her. And here's why.

She's complicated, too difficult to stereotype into your normal Coronation Street type of woman. She's not feisty or an air-head. She's not thick as two bricks, she's not common or nasty or bitchy or anything that usually signifies a woman in a soap. 

Gina has her bipolar condition to live with and we've seen her swing high and low with this and have glimpsed just some of the effects that her condition might have on her life.

But for me, the interaction with her sister Sally and brother-in-law Tim has been wonderful, right from the off.

Tonight, Gina gets to grips with Dev on Corrie when they lock lips in the corner shop.  She'll then go on to embarass Sally in front of her councillor friend at a soiree when Dev does the walk of shame down Sally's staircase.

I'm enjoying Gina a lot on Corrie because she's complex and fun and not a soap stereotype. I think Connie Hyde is doing a fantastic job as Gina and off-screen, she's a fab woman too.

But what do you make to Gina? Let me know in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying the character of Gina. Personally, I cannot stand the woman! I absolutely despise the way she treats Sally. She constantly lies and undermines her. I wouldn't miss her at all if she left. Nothing at all personal against the actress, it's the character I dislike.

Tvor said...

I like her too. I hope they delve a bit more into her resentment of Sally. There's got to be a lot of history with sibling rivalry here. We know that Sally went to Gina to recover from her cancer surgery and that there hasn't been a lot of communication between them until now which I do find odd. Why wouldn't Gina have contacted Sally if her own health and life was heading downhill? Was her husband a controlling nasty guy? The step daughter sure could have had better judgement. Where did that really come from? And I'm sure I recall mention over the years that Gina had kids. Maybe that's not something the current writers or archivist has picked up on since she was an off screen character for so long. The kids could have been step kids I suppose.

Anyway, Connie Hyde is a very good actress and there's good chemistry between her and the Metcalfes

Tilly Flop said...

I love Gina. Not all sisters get on in real life. Most have their squabbles with each each. To me this is a real life sibling situation. Sally isn't always perfect with Gina either

C in Canada said...

Good post. She is complex and is sort of a round peg in a square hole.
Not sure I like the character much either, Sally's helped her out and she doesn't seem very grateful for that. I wish they would go into more detail, as a good way of exploring mental health issues.

Cobblestone said...

I really like her, largely down to Connie Hyde’s performance. She’s a confident, professional actress who prought Gina to life on the screen from her very first scene. There was nothing tentative, no ‘feeling her way’ into the character. Suddenly there was Gina, as if she’d always existed off-screen. I enjoy her breezy cheeriness. I’ve not loved some of the ways the script has called for her to behave. I was fine with the strange compulsive spending on rare dog commemorative plates, but didn’t get why she would ever support ‘Buzzer the Bee’ over the sister who reached out to her and took her in. Thankfully, they’ve now corrected this. I’m looking forward to seeing the character developed further. I would like to see her interact a bit more with characters she would remember from the old days - Keven especially. I don’t recall him even acknowledging her, yet she lived with him for a while in the 80s!

And, yes, Tvor, I’m pretty sure Gina mentioned kids of her own very early on. I expect they’re leaving that door open for future development.

Humpty Dumpty said...

If I remember right, Gina came to stay with Kevin & Sally and had a secret fling with Martin Platt in the house. Martin legged it when the couple came home. Eventually, the sisters had a bust-up and Gina said she was jealous of Sally who had managed to escape their dreadful childhood. That's probably still true. Their father was an alcoholic and I remember a scene where Sally told Kevin about her father's high and low periods. Is bi-polar inherited?


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