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Monday 30 October 2017

Why it's time to say goodbye to Emily in Coronation Street

I know it's not even the end of October yet but my thoughts have already turned towards Christmas. I blame Poundland, really. Well, I was in there the other day and there was tinsel and glitter and cards and ribbons and I couldn't help myself, I have to admit, I made a start on my Christmas shopping. And as my thoughts turned to Christmas, I found myself getting a little sentimental about Emily Bishop, as you do in the middle of Poundland on an October Saturday in Sunderland.

In the show, we know that Emily is living in Peru and we hope she's having a good life and she's being looked after well. And in real life, the actress who plays Emily may - or may not - return to the show, we don't know.  It's not our business to know what goes on in the real life of the actors away from the street.

But in the show, we're invested in Emily. Many of us have grown up with her in our lives, watching her faithfully week in, week out, year in, year out.  Do we want her to be happy in Peru, forever? Of course. Is it likely that she will? Of course not. All good things come to an end, and I think it's time that Emily was given the send-off she deserves.

And so, on that sentimental Saturday in Poundland last weekend, I was thinking that Christmas would be the perfect time for a phone call to come in during Norris and Sean's Christmas dinner. It'd be a long distance phone call, from Spider in Peru, giving Norris the sad news that Emily had passed away - happily, peacefully, campaigning to save the Peruvian Whorey Ground Wort.  Norris would raise his glass of sherry and wipe away a tear. Sean would look on with a wistful smile.

At home, watching this unfold on Christmas night when we're stuffed full of chocolates and turkey and Bailey's Irish Cream (other Irish liqueurs are available), we fans would raise our glass too. We'd reminisce about Emily, there'd be an ITV special, the newspapers would be full of pictures and memories, and a framed picture of her would go up in the Kabin.

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Louby said...

Christmas time yes, but I'd prefer for them to hear a knock on the door, and find Emily standing there. A very quick visit to say she's moving to wherever for good, collect her bits she left behind and finish on a happy ending. When did we last have a happy ending? I think it was probably Becky.

Louby said...

Just remembered, Lloyd and Andrea had a happy ending too.

Maricha said...

I would love that.

Tilly Flop said...

That sounds like a perfect exit for Emily. Well said Louby

Anonymous said...

Yeah they've got a little baby girl and all!

KAOS said...

Emily doesn't belong in the horrible dog's dinner Corrie's become, which is a sort of turbo-charged Brookside at its worst.

Anonymous said...

I can't think that the actor would want to come back to what this show has become.

abbyk said...

If she came back, then at least one person would go to church, and Billy could keep his job. I think it more likely, however, that Spider or Frida will be knocking on Norris’ door bearing sad news and perhaps an urn. Yes, Christmas would be perfect for this because that’s what Corrie Christmasses (sp?) are all about.

Anonymous said...

EMILY ����

Unknown said...

I want a happy ending but the way things are going I think the writers will probably prefer to have her head blown off with a shotgun in a fate similar to poor Ernest.

Martin Rosen said...

I suspect most viewers have forgotten Emily (there maybe some who didn't know of her!).

BTW What ever happened to Ena Sharples? ;-)

Where's Emily?? said...

I feel like this post was written especially for me.

I've always liked the character of Miss.Nugent (she didn't get the name Emily until later in the program)

I too wish that Emily would have a nice send off, befitting the quiet, gentle (most times) character that she was. Hopefully they won't have her overdosing on coffee in Peru or some such foolishness as is Corrie's way of late.

If the actress wants to retire..and who wouldn't after playing a character for more than fifty years..take rest Eileen, you've earned it.

Please don't leave the viewer in Limbo Corrie Writers. (I thought she'd be back for Rita's funeral) but enough already....let her go.

Great post and thanks for addressing a concern for us veteran fans!!

Anonymous said...

I’ve always loved Emily.... ever since she came on the show as Miss Nugent, in black and white, working with Mr. Swindley.
Please don’t kill her off.....I love her spirit.
Would just love to see her pop back occasionally.


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