Thursday, 26 October 2017

Hospitalisation Street and the Weatherfield Ward of Doom

Last night on Coronation Street, young Seb took a tumble from his window cleaning ladder and fell to the cobbles. Fortunately the ambulance wasn't stuck in roadworks on the ringroad and got him to th'ospickle safe and sound.  Where he's going to find out next week that he's got HIV.

Ah, the joys of Coronation Street and hospital life. 

Now then, as much as I enjoy a bit of hospital drama along with the best of them, I'm getting a bit fed up of seeing the inside of Weatherfield General.

Last week in Corrie we had not one, not even two, but three hospital scenes, all with different characters involved.

There was the storyline about Summer smoking the Spice cigarette.

There was the storyline about Chesney doing a runner from the ward after being told about Katy dying.

And there was baby George taken ill and the whole Appleton clan at the hospital too.

That's three hospital storylines in one week. Three.

And things don't look as if they're about to ease off.

We're still to find out what Rita's biopsy results are and that'll unfold next week too.  Maybe Rita can pop in on Seb and say hello while she's there?

When Kate Oates was first announced as the new Corrie producer I asked Emmerdale fans on Digital Spy what we could expect from her in Coronation Street.

Their response?

Loads of hospital scenes. 

I thought they were kidding too.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not t he only one getting tired of the continual hospital visits. Apparently ITV are building a police station on the set extension, I think if Kate Oates had had her say there would have been a fully functioning infirmary.

Anonymous said...

Coronation Street sadly is becoming a medical drama rather than an entertaining soap opera due to all the medical issue oriented storylines.
Next it will Robert in hospital[with a sobbing Michelle]with testicular cancer and Seb diagnosed with HIV\AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Where do most actors end up after soap?
Casualty. Kate Oates is just making sure any actors she sacks are properly trained.

Karen said...

Turning into a medical drama all right, shades of General Hospital.

Where's Emily?? said...

Making good use of the new set....just wait until everyone's done a stint at the police station. It might be faster to say who hasn't been jailed or hospitalized.
Bugs the hell out of me that there are no longer any regular, normal, scenes...unless something is going on and everything is cryptically being said, a hidden meaning behind every bloody conversation.
I expect they'll have to introduce a few new nurses, doctors and orderly characters.

The saving grace? Maybe Emily will come back and resurrect her volunteer work at the hospital....Could happen.

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