Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 25 Oct

Seb suffers a horrific fall from his ladder while cleaning windows at the solicitor’s office. Finding Seb on the ground Anna calls an ambulance while Faye sobs over his lifeless body. With Seb’s life hanging in the balance we’re left wondering did he fall or was he pushed? And when the police come calling Phelan seizes the chance to attempt to frame old enemy Anna for attempted murder.


Steve finds himself on the double date from hell with Moira. 

And Fiz and Tyrone are shocked when they receive a cheque for £2k from a lady who read about Hope on the crowd-funding site. Tyrone insists they should keep the money as it was intended for Hope. Will a guilty Fiz keep schtum in front of the other factory girls?

Phelan engineers a clash between Seb and Anna.  Tyrone and Fiz receive an unexpected windfall.  Gina decides to find Steve a woman. Anna and Nicola exchange secrets.  Steve endures the double date from hell.  Craig stands up to his new police mentor.

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Tvor said...

That looks like a new building behind the one Seb is falling from!

Anonymous said...

Anna get on our nerves she always touching her hair.
Wouldnt have a sandwich off her if you paid me

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