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Corrie weekly update - Felon Phelan, villain Vinny, shock baby news

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Phelan the felon and Vinny the villain wrap Eileen the extraordinarily gullible woman around their little, dirty fingers.  Or so we’re lead to believe, but she hasn’t yet transferred Jason’s £65,000 over to Phelan yet, so could this plot unravel at last?  Todd, as we know, has got the measure of Phelan and Tim’s also cottoned on to the fact that Pat can’t be trusted. However, Sally swoons over Phelan when he flatters her and asks for advice on the dodgy planning application.  But then Alex reveals that Pat and Vinny’s plans will involve knocking down the centre where he and his friends meet to watch films.  When Sally hears this, she confronts Phelan who covers his tracks and says that he’ll ensure some of the flats will be designed to accommodate those with disabilities. This pacifies Sally and Alex, for now, but Todd and Tim are still on the case giving Phelan the evil-eye. As am I, and you should too.
Maria’s in a right old state. She’s snappy with Eva and Audrey in the salon when the two women pester her to meet the right man. “Watch and learn!” Maria tells Eva, pointing at Audrey. “You could end up with a shop of your own. Just sleep with the right fella!” Ouch.  Maria takes Ozzy and Liam for a walk on the red rec where she finds Caz sleeping rough. Caz follows Maria home and she’s allowed to stay overnight.  But then Maria gets burgled and in a tussle with the thief she gets a bang on the head.  Scared that the burglar might return, Maria allows Caz to stay for a few more days. This is just what Caz wanted, and planned for, and we find out that she arranged for Maria’s flat to be burgled.  Ooh, she’s not to be trusted, that Caz.
Over at Underworld, while Johnny’s away the factory girls play. Even though they’re being paid double time to get an order finished on time, the girls and Sean put up a screen and watch a film instead. Jenny shops them to Johnny and when he confronts them, Sally stages a walk-out and leads the girls out on strike.  They’re all in the wrong, and they know it, of course and it’s not long before Aidan woos them back to work with cakes. However, while Aidan’s wooing them with pastries outside of the factory, inside Johnny and Jenny are having a full-on snog over the boss’ desk.  And as the girls all troop in, one by one, they see their boss and Jenny getting it on in the office. Aidan and Kate aren’t sure what to make of their dad getting jiggy with one of the workforce. But when they talk to him about it, he tells them it’s none of their business.
Leanne’s baby news causes all sorts of problems this week. First off, she argues with Liz – a lot – and publicly too. This is a soap secret that will never stay quiet, not ever, I feel (and hope!). Liz is determined to claim Leanne’s baby as her own grandchild and feels upset that she won’t ever be able to publicly acknowledge her grand-maternal feelings for it.  I think Liz needs a new fella, to take her mind off the baby business.  And as Nick and Leanne grow closer this week, she breaks the news to him that Steve is the dad. Oh dear. It doesn’t go down well and Nick refers to Steve as  “a pint-pulling moron.” Bit harsh, that.   Leanne’s news makes Nick angry, upset, stressed – all the things that his doctor at the hospital told him to avoid just a few weeks ago for fear it would bring on his brain injury symptoms again. Looks like he’s cured, then.
Gail isn’t exactly over the moon with the pretend news that Nick is Leanne’s baby daddy, she’s never been a fan of Leanne.  But she mellows a little this week and brings Leanne a plant. “What’s that? Mother in law’s tongue?” Leanne asks. “It’s a peace lily,” says Gail although I don’t know why she didn’t just nick a cactus from the bistro and be done with it.
There were a wonderful few scenes between Aidan and Eva this week. Eva, as we know, is desperate to get Aidan to move in with her into Leanne’s old flat. And Aidan, as we know, is desperate to avoid it.  However, after-hours in the factory, Eva works her magic on Aidan and the two of them inspect knicker gusset stitching together.  He follows her to the Rovers afterwards with puppy-dog eyes and lipstick all over his neck.  He watches Eva who’s standing at the bar, wiggling her bum, and tells sister Kate that he’s reconsidered and he’ll be moving in with Eva. “I would’ve done the same!” she tells him in a brilliantly timed line as the two of them stare at Eva’s backside at the bar.
It’s back to school for Bethany, who starts to get bullied again. She’s called into the headmaster’s office and Gary Windass is there in his super-hero suit. Sorry, it was a white shirt, but as he can do no wrong in my book, he can wear whatever he likes in my imagination.  Super-hero Gary tells the headmaster that Bethany’s still being bullied and the school need to sort it, or else. Bethany’s eyes light up when she sees Gary fight her corner. He’s lovely, he really is.
And finally this week, it’s Craig’s 18th birthday and Tim takes him for his first legal pint in the Rovers Return. Liz, however, is in such a bad mood over the baby that she bars Craig from the pub for being underage.  At Craig’s birthday tea, there’s a cake and cards galore. There’s also a letter in reply to Craig’s application to join the special constabulary – and he’s rejected. The letter says he failed to declare a criminal conviction of a close relative - and that’s when holy war breaks out. Beth reveals that Craig’s dad is in jail, and she was the one who dobbed him to the cops. Craig walks out in anger and so does Kirk, upset that Beth’s lied to both him and Craig. “I’m no Ernest Einstein, but I’m not stupid, you know!” says Kirk.  Craig moves in with Tim and Sally and Faye gives him a hug, in such a lovely scene.

All in all, another good week on Corrie. It’s definitely getting better. And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Please let this be the end to the bloody bullying storyline! I am so sick of it, it's being going on far, far too long.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The bullying story is nuts. Bethany finished year 11 in July. In the UK, that's the end of compulsory education. Then it's GCSE resits, A levels or a vocational qualification which are all on offer for free in further education colleges. Why would Bethany choose to go back to a place where she's being bullied when she could easily go elsewhere? Obviously a plot device to involve Gary. Plot devices are fine when they form a realistic part of the story. This isn't realistic.

Anonymous said...

Humрty - I thought the law changed in the UK and everyone must now study until 18, or am I wrong?

Abercrombie said...

Nick Tilsley and his constant victim mode is a bore. Steve and his poor acting is a bore. The pregnancies are an anal storyline.And I bore myself with my incredulity every time I watch catch up. Is this programme addictive and do I need help?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Abercrombie's remarks about Nick who slept with his brother's wife,forced David into doing a DNA test on Lily to see if he was the father while married to Leeanne I may add, and now he wants honesty in his relationship with Leeanne only to have a tantrum when she complies and tells him Steve is the father?!
Nick is not a victim though,he's a self centered spoilt momma's boy who I doubt will be happy being a grandmother to Steve's child despite the fact she is one already to Max.

abbyk said...

I love the way Tim mixes in with everybody but especially his relationship with Craig. From clowning around in the Rovers to the tender scene with Faye after the party, he's rapidly becoming a favorite.

Reality check 1: since so many stories are off the rails, it surprises me that the bullying story is still going on. In the real world, it would. Sadly. If Bethany had a stable parent, it might have resolved but with all the other Platt drama, she really hasn't had anyone in her corner except Luke and now Gary. Can't wait for Uncle David to stand up for her.

Reality check 2: is that question about relatives with prison records actually a part of the police application? Not a judgement call, it just seems too plot handy. What is very wrong is that Craig, the intelligent tech savvy kid who shows oldies how to use tablets and learned how to deliver babies from the internet, didn't think check out who his real father is and what he's up to, uh, in for? I do hope he sticks around and finds another way to make something of himself, living at home while he goes to university perhaps. Think about it, he could get that degree in art and become a set designer for a tv studio in Salford.

Reality check 3: that film/strike/cake box thing was ridiculous. Aidan is ridiculous. Kate is ridiculous. They could both be replaced at Underworld by Alya, who is smart, efficient, actually has an education in the field and was Carla's management trainee once upon a time. Didn't she once save or get a contract from the tough client in the wheelchair (can't think of his name). Alya and Johnny would be a pair of interesting workmates, Mr. Grumpy Oldschool and Pretty Miss Hotshot. Kate and Aidan have had plenty of time to become interesting. They haven't.

Zagg said...

Why on earth would neighbor Gary be going to a school meeting with Bethany? He's no relation whatsoever. Surely the school would insist on her parent being there. It's just so silly.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Attempt 5!

Anonymous at 21.07: From a government website, the following is the situation in England (slightly different dates in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland):

'You can leave school on the last Friday in June if you’ll be 16 by the end of the summer holidays.

You must then do one of the following until you’re 18:
##stay in full-time education, eg at a college
##start an apprenticeship or traineeship
##work or volunteer (for 20 hours or more a week) while in part-time education or training'

Yes, the law did change to make young people stay in education until they are 18. In practice, though, no action would be taken against a young person if they chose to do nothing. Nor would any action be taken against an employer who didn't arrange training for their teenage employees. Not all parts of the Act were introduced.

Sorry to mislead you, I should have said 'compulsory education at school'. Re: Bethany, it's still the case that she doesn't have to remain at a school where she's unhappy after the age of 16.

Pat said...

Abbyk- I like your idea of Alya and Johnny working more closely together. Sometimes I forget Alya actually works there, you hardly ever see her.

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