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Tuesday 20 September 2016

Toyah Battersby - all you need to know

With the great news today that Georgia Taylor is returning to Coronation Street as Toyah Battersby, let's have a look back at Toyah's life on the show.

Toyah Laverne Battersby joined the show in 1997 when the brash Battersby clan turned up in Coronation Street. Toyah is Janice Battersby's daughter and Leanne's step-sister.  (Leanne is Les Battersby's daughter).

Toyah was on the show until 2003 and during that time she...

... developed a crush on her neighbour, Spider, who introduced her to environmentalism, as well as the occasional cannabis joint. It was Spider who helped Toyah save Theresa the turkey from the Battersbys' dinner table at Christmas. Toyah became very enthusiastic about the "eco-warrior" lifestyle; so much so that she poured anti-freeze all over the freezers in a grocery store while protesting the sale of prawns.

In 2001 Toyah was raped and left for dead by Phil Simmonds, a man she had befriended after meeting through Spider.

After the ordeal, Toyah returned to college and moved in with Fiz Brown and Maria Sutherland in the flat above the hairdressers' and tried to move on with her life. She had a brief fling with Andy McDonald.

Toyah then started dating one of her former professors, John Arnley, in 2002.
Toyah left him after discovering that her best friend Maria had had a one-night stand with John in January 2003, which resulted in her falling pregnant by him.

Despite the fact that Maria had an abortion, Toyah couldn't handle John's infidelity and left for a new life in Sheffield, before reconciling with her ex-boyfriend Spider Nugent and moving to London with him, as he had started his own juice company there.
Regular Blog readers will know I'm a huge fan of Spider and I do hope that Toyah's return might herald the return of Spider too.

With thanks to Corriepedia for the Toyah story!

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Anonymous said...

That Maria! She's a bit of a biatch really. Serial boyfriend stealer!

Maricha said...

Is this why Emily hasn't returned yet: she's going to come back with Toyah and Spider? (I read somewhere that Emily and Spider are related)
That would be great.

C in Canada said...

Yes Maricha, I believe that Emily is Spider's aunt.

I can't believe that Maria has been on the show that long....and she was a man stealer then too!

I barely remember Toyah, I think she left right around when I started watching.

Rebecca said...

Yes, Emily is Spider's aunt. He's the one who got her involved in a protest at the Red Rec where she climbed a tree.

Anonymous said...

But isn't Spider in Peru? Toyah is in Liverpool now? Looks like they have spilt

Anonymous said...

Will be delighted to see her return.

PoidaPete said...

So the Battersby sisters have both slept with the McDonald brothers?
That (almost) makes sense with Leanne and Steve now. Ha ha

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Toya's return! I became quite fond of her character, if I remember correctly she was a lot more intelligent than Leeanne. Georgia is a very good actress, she was excellent in Law and Order UK, she played a Crown Attorney.
I can't help but wonder who are they going to hook her up with - Luke, David or one of the Barlow boys? If I'm not mistaken I thought it was Peter who found her after the rape.

Zagg said...

Wow, I completely forgot about Maria and the professor guy. She really is a serial man stealer! LOL I am looking forward to Toya returning. I think it could be interesting dynamics between her, Leanne and Eva....if the writers are smart. What am I saying? They will probably have her hooked up with Aiden (or someone's man) and up the duff by New Years.


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