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Saturday 17 September 2016

Corrie weekly update - Phony Phelan, fraudulent flats and solitaire

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Phony Phelan’s plans for the fraudulent flats get the go ahead from the council. He tells Eileen he’s just nipping home to ring the architect to give them the good news and Todd follows him inside. What he hears is Pat on the phone sacking the architect, saying the plans have been rejected. Putting two and two together, Todd sums up Pat perfectly and gets the measure of him. Cornered, Phelan admits it’s all a scam, but one that he’s doing for Eileen as he loves her so much. It’s like Richard Hillman all over again, without the crowbar or the hair.

Now that Pat knows Todd’s on to him, he rings Vinny who kidnaps Eileen. Todd’s rang the cops and they turn up to take Pat in for questioning just seconds after Todd finds out where Vinny has gone with his mum.  Has Todd put Eileen in danger? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

It’s Sean’s 40th birthday and he celebrates in the Rovers. Norris gives him a gift of a game of solitaire, the perfect present for a single man. Billy calls Sean ‘a sad, bitter little man’ after someone rings the Bishop to tell him that Todd’s being staying at the vicarage with the vicar.  Sean swears blind it wasn’t him who called the Bishop, but it fair upsets Billy, whoever it was.   Billy starts to question his faith after a chat with the Bishop who tells him that it’s not acceptable for him to be sharing the vicarage with Todd. “When will it be acceptable?” Billy asks him. “In another twenty years?”

Over at Maria’s flat, Caz makes herself cosy. So cosy in fact, that she ends up kissing Maria. It’s not what Maria expected or wanted and she’s embarrassed and backs off. She tells Audrey and Sophie in the salon. “Is it summat you give off?” Audrey asks Maria. “Well, you always seem to attract the gays!”

Craig visits his dad Darryl in jail. He looks like Craig, he’s built like Craig, but when he asks Craig to smuggle in drugs for him, you know that Craig doesn’t take after his dad. Darryl drops a bombshell when he tells Craig that he’s still married to Beth. This explodes back on the Street. Kirk walks out in tears and moves in with Maria. Craig won’t have anything to do with his mum. Beth gets arrested for bigamy and fans up and down the country were left sitting on their sofa going ‘What the… ?”

Over at the Bistro, Andy heads off to a zombie-fest, leaving Steph to cope on her own. She’s doing brilliantly, is Steph, left to cope and handle miserable Robert too. Robert has no idea what a little gem he’s got working for him.

At Roy’s Rolls Anna sticks her nose into Roy and Cathy’s business and wonders why they’re not sharing a bed. In fact, she does more than wonder, she comes right out and asks Roy about it.  It’s not of your business, Anna, wind your neck in! But Cathy had confided to Anna that she wanted to share a bed with Roy. She’s still sleeping in the spare room. And when it’s mentioned to Roy, he thinks on. He knows he’s not ready yet for anyone to share the bed he shared with Hayley. And so when he says that yes, he’ll share a bed with Cathy, he orders a new mattress. He also tells her that he’ll move into her room rather than her moving into his.  It’s a move of sorts, I suppose but I can’t for the life of me wonder why they haven’t all moved to Cathy’s huge house that she’s left behind and hasn’t sold.

And finally this week Freddie and Audrey share a lovely dinner in the Bistro and he kisses her hand. Then he spots a woman at the bar giving him a dirty look. It’s an old friend, Angelica, who tells him he should be ashamed of himself for playing around with another woman so soon after his wife’s death.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the police decided to investigate Todd's claims of his missing mother and the real estate scam so quickly. Don't they always claim that one has to wait 24 hours for a missing relative and wouldn't they require more proof of the scam before proceeding? Same with Beth, I doubt they would apprehend the guilty party straight from their workplace on the same day they received the tip.

coconno196 said...

Well, we all know the soap police bear no relation to reality. ­čśë

I've also wondered about Cathy's house and whether she ever finished clearing the clutter. Another storyline left up in the air.

I do hope Todd showing an interest in Phelan's scam is part of a plot to catch him out. I'm liking reformed Todd, would hate him to revert to bad Todd.

Zagg said...

I like Roy a lot. But the idea of him keeping his old bedroom with Hayley like a shrine is bizarre. And for Cathy to put up with it is weird. Enough time has passed and if he accepted the marriage proposal, he needs to commit to Cathy full on. Maybe turn the room into a library room or something. Having the death bed in there and the room off limits is just off. I know he's quirky, but come on.

coconno196 said...

I'd forgotten about Cathy's proposal! Seems very odd for Roy to agree to marry Cathy but not share a room. But surely Alex will have Roy and Hayley's old room? With a new bed or mattress? So it won't be a shrine, it's just that Roy didn't feel comfortable having Cathy in Hayley's room or bed. I'm still confused though. Will they swap the beds between the 2 rooms, so that Alex gets Cathy's single?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how Roy could have kept sleeping in that bed anyway, as he wasn't entirely thrilled with Hayley's choice to end her own life. I would have thought he would set up a new bedroom for himself in the other room, destroy or donate Hayley/his bed and have been sharing with Cathy all along.


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