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Friday 30 September 2016

Coronation Stret Weds 28th September episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. But this isn't just any old Wednesday review. Even after a very busy first week back at uni, I felt compelled to write this review because Wednesday's edition of our favourite soap marked the 9000th episode. As well as this brilliant milestone, I thought it was a rather enjoyable episode. Here we go...

Our 9000th visit to the Street starts as we roll into Roy's in what appears to be early afternoon. Roy is aptly studying his giant fold-out map. He is preparing to drive Alex all the way to Inverness to live with Nessa.  Aunty Cathy is uncharacteristically nonchalant about the situation. Her nephew, whom she has practically mothered for many years, is about to move hundreds of miles away and it appears as if she couldn't care less. She even seems somewhat cheery about Alex's sudden departure. We all know why this is, of course. She's had a typical Soapland bombshell dropped right on her. Only last week, she started to realise that Alex's biological father may in fact have been her late husband. Her fears were confirmed in Monday's episode when she dragged it out of Nessa's ex-husband, who has kept everything quiet for over two decades.  In Monday's episode, Alex surprisingly admitted to Roy when told the truth that he had always suspected that Alan was his biological father. As such, for fear of upsetting his Aunty Cathy, he has decided to go to live with his mother, the Loch Nessa Monster. Tyrone kindly offers to drive so that Roy can navigate efficiently. This leaves Cathy alone with Fiz with nothing to do other than carry out a classic revelation over imperative cups of tea.

"It's a family matter"
"Well we're family. Blood's not everything"

Having been an inmate of Soapland for many years now, Fiz reacts rather calmly to the news that Alex's real dad is the man who Alex called his uncle. Interestingly, she mentions her daughter Hope to Cathy and how she has learned to forget all about Hope's biological dad, John Stape. While all this is going on, the three men have started the trek to Scotland. However, it is not long before they find themselves stationary, somewhere just off the A19. Roy's antique car has overheated. At this point, Alex rightly asks why they didn't use Tyrone's car and climbs out in a huff, determined to find a phone signal. When the engine starts to smoke, Tyrone calls Cathy at the caf√© and asks her to get in touch with Kevin. Unfortunately, the phone line soon goes dead and this sends Fiz into typical soap-style panic mode. When you have lived on Coronation Street for so long, it's probably best to expect the worst in every single situation. Then, when you find out you've completely overreacted, it's a nice feeling. Isn't that right, Fiz Bomb? The two women join Kevin in his impossible-to-miss bright yellow van and so begins a heartfelt story resolution in the  middle of nowhere. Cathy asks Alex to come home, a proposal which he immediately accepts. So all of that packing was for nothing!

"Alex. Come home. Both of you! Roy- please can we start again?"

Kirk is still moping around at Maria's flat, getting under her feet. His sister's efforts to make him sort things out with his bigamist "wife" have so far been unsuccessful. He seems far more interested in the dog. He hasn't even bothered to find out how Beth got on at her bigamy hearing. When Maria almost demands that he communicates with Beth, he totally blanks her and insists on taking Ozzy out for a walk instead. Caz joins them, telling Maria she will get something out of him if it takes all day. However, during the walk, tragedy strikes. They've barely made it out of the Ginnel when the poor mutt drops to the ground. Caz does her best to sound concerned. Another  bombshell is on its way.  as and Kirk have been to the vet. Ozzy has cancer and he needs to be put down, as Caz bluntly informs Maria.

Elsewhere, Erica cons the Alahan kids in order to teach them a lesson. She scares them into owning up to the theft of the flowers from the grave and later talks to Dev about how he shouldn't spoil them. This is a story arch set up deliberately to get Mary back to them, I am sure. However, I am rather enjoying Mary working for Tracy. Whoever Tracy is paired with almost always ensures comedy gold. As well as all this, Eileen got stupider. Again. Even Billy had a few words of warning for her.
"Whatever Pat is doing, you're up to your neck in it too!"

Well, that's it! The 9000th visit to the most famous street in Britain recapped and reviewed. It was a rather enjoyable episode with a few nice moments. The question is - will we see another 9000?

As always, thanks for reading!


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Anonymous said...

well written episode review - at this point I have really given up on Cathy - she was pure nasty to Alex, who didn't deserve such treatment, and also to Roy, bless his heart, he was just trying to do his best. The quicker she leaves the better. Even the redeemed Cathy after 10 min being worried about "her boys" doesn't cut it and just how the heck did they all get back in the tow vehicle, surely no one is legal to travel in the vehicle being towed. Her time is done & I really hope Tyrone can make Roy see sense, not obligation to a family that isn't his, never was, never will be.
Poor Ozzy, I have to admit I was surprised by that one. I think I shed more tears over his passing than any other character on the street. I guess all those comments were true, I thought people were just being sarcastic and it was going to be a person that passed. Too bad, but I should have known seeing how much airtime he had lately (even if it was only on the couch), anybody could tell that more screen time meant more upcoming "explosive" storyline.

Maricha said...

Great review Jordan!
I honestly had no idea there was an Ozzy so I can't say I cared. The two pets I ever wonder about are Eccles and Shmicheal(?). While I do hope Kirk forgives Beth, I'm fine with him staying mad and indifferent. What Beth did was despicable and unnecessay, Kirk would have waited for her to get a divorce and she had plenty of time to either get one or admit she was married.
Cathy still gets on my last nerve with the way she treats Roy like an afterthought, and I don't think she was caring for Alex these past years, no one could get in her house so how could she do that? Nigel is still his father legally and seems to care about him too. He should deal with Alex if Nessa is unwilling to:biology isn't everything and he's managed to raise two children properly. Alex is too wild for Cathy to supervise and needs proper training to become less dependent.
It was nice to see Tyrone and Fizz.

Anonymous said...

Why is Nigel still legally his father? Just because his name is on the birth certificate? You can leave the father's name blank on a birth certificate, but the birth father (whoever that may be) is still the legal dad. If that makes sense. So why should Nigel, because of this be responsible for a man who is a result of an affair between his wife and brother in law?

Maricha said...

Sorry but that's the law. Children born in a marriage are legally the children of the spouses in the marriage. It doesn't matter if there's an affair, that doesn't establish anything,or remove anyone's obligations towards those children. At most, perhaps, Cathy's husband could have gotten visitation rights if Nigel had allowed a paternity test to be carried out.
Even if Nigel had divorced Nessa over the affair, he couldn't have gotten out of financially supporting Alex. The law doesn't care about what's fair for adults, it protects children and their rights to be cared for.
I guess the moral of that story is to choose your spouse wisely.

Anonymous said...

Really? Is that uk law or Canadian law? (I'm guessing you're Canadian). Apologies if I'm wrong. Nigel is Alex's uncle, and not soon, so why should he support him? His birth father although now decreased still contributed via a trust fund

Maricha said...

Canadian law is based on British Common Law so I don't see why they would differ on this. Legally Nigel is the father and it doesn't matter that the man who was legally Alex's uncle left him a trust fund. Lots of relatives leave money for nieces and nephews especially if they're childless. Stuff like this might get sorted out if people act quickly, like before birth but afterwards you really can't get out of it unless the courts let you off the hook and they hardly ever do.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure why this storyline has become a legal writ. It doesn't matter what is right or wrong legally, it only matters what happens to Alex or should I say what the writers say happens to Alex, hopefully Cathy will bid adios and Roy can take care of Alex as he sees fit. Somehow Roy & Alex get along better than Roy/Cathy & Alex. At least he understands the young lad and lets him live his own life within certain limitations.

Louby said...

Does anyone remember what happened to Monica, Tyrone's dog?

Anonymous said...

Also, where has Rover gone? She is owned by Simon Gregson.She is so cute

Anonymous said...

Reality check. He is not Alex's uncle, he's his dad. Alex is not his nephew, he's his son


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